What does the joshua tree symbolize in the glass castle?

Updated: November 28, 2022
The Joshua tree is a symbol of hope and resilience. In the face of adversity, the Joshua tree stands tall and endures.
Detailed answer:

The Joshua tree is described by Jeannette Walls as ugly. It is a symbol of Walls’s family, which Walls thinks is unstable, but her mother sees it as beautiful. Her family is not stable, and it is on the verge of tumbling over. The tree’s ugliness reminds us of the struggles that we go through and how we see things differently. The tree is ugly to Jeannette, and yet to others, it represents faith. Jeannette does not understand the need to face trials or struggles because she is afraid of being different. The Joshua tree represents the harsh environment that Jeannette grew up in. She was surrounded by extreme elements, which made her prone to damage and exploitation. She wishes to protect the tree, but her mother warns her not to destroy its qualities. The tangled branches are part of the Joshua tree’s preparation for the harsh environment. Its hardships make it unique. Moreover, the Joshua tree symbolises strength from struggle and dysfunction, and this message can be applied to Jeannette’s growing up experience. Her parents claim that hardship and danger help build character. As a result, Jeannette never hates her enemies. Despite her hardships, she grows stronger and healthier. The tree is also a symbol of resistance and struggle. Rose Mary, the mother of Jeannette Walls, is an advocate of self-sufficiency, and she wants her children to face hardships with strength and determination. She has an appreciation for the beauty of the tree and its ability to make a person unique.

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