What Does Theseus Want in a Midsummer Nights Dream?

Updated: February 06, 2023
Theseus wants Hippolyta to be his wife and he wants to celebrate their wedding with a big party.
Detailed answer:

Theseus was the king of Athens, and he wanted to marry Hippolyta. But Hippolyta didn’t want to marry Theseus because she thought he was too young for her. She was a queen, and she wanted to marry someone who was older than her. She also didn’t like that Theseus had killed all of her people on his expedition to Crete.

Theseus wanted Hippolyta because she was beautiful, strong, and intelligent. He thought they would make a good match because they were both royalty. He believed that if they married each other that they would be able to rule over Athens together as husband and wife. He wanted this so badly that he even tried to kidnap her from her home in Amazonia.

Theseus also wants to celebrate his wedding with a big party. He wants to invite all his friends and family members so that they can enjoy the party together. We can see that he has a lot of responsibilities as well as he has been fighting for many years.

Moreover, he is a very kind person who always tries to help others in any situation they are facing. We can see this when he helps Hippolyta when she gets lost in the woods while she was hunting with her friends and companions.

He helps Egeus by bringing his daughter Hermia back home after she ran away from her father’s house because she refused to marry Demetrius whom she doesn’t like at all.

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