What Is Princeton University Known For?

Updated: February 28, 2023
Princeton is known for being one of the eight Ivy League schools and for its high academic standards.
Detailed answer:

The Princeton University campus is located in Princeton, New Jersey. It is one of the eight Ivy League schools and a prestigious university.

Princeton is one of the most prestigious universities in the United States. It was founded in 1746 by a group of Presbyterians who wanted to create a school that would teach students how to think, not just what to think.

In fact, Princeton was named after Prince William III of Orange-Nassau (1650-1702), who had been Stadtholder of Holland, Zeeland and Utrecht before he inherited the British crown as King William III in 1689 after the death of his mother Mary II of England (1662-1694).

The word “princeton” comes from Latin princeton meaning “by or near Prince’s Town.”

The school’s motto, “In the nation’s service and in the service of all nations,” reflects its commitment to public service. The campus itself is a beautiful example of classic architecture, with Gothic buildings and stately white columns.

Moreover, Princeton has a reputation for being one of the most selective universities in the United States. The university accepts only 10% of its applicants, making it harder to get into than Harvard University or Yale University. However, once you are accepted, Princeton offers many resources and opportunities for students to pursue their interests and passions.

The campus is beautiful with many historical buildings and gardens, as well as modern facilities for students. The library has more than 4 million volumes in its collections, which can be accessed by students at any time from anywhere on campus using their university ID card.

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