What is romanticism art?

Updated: November 28, 2022
Romanticism art is a type of art that is characterized by its focus on emotions, imagination, and individualism.
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The Romantic movement was the emergence of new artistic styles that were both experimental and expressive. Romantic art was characterized by heightened emotional response and an emphasis on the representation of intimacy. The artists of this period often embraced the solitary, isolated, and idyllic nature that had been romanticized during the Renaissance.

The artistic style of this era originated in Germany. Its early manifestations were influenced by artists who trained in the studio of Jacques Louis David. Unlike Enlightenment movements, Romanticism emphasized the importance of the senses, intuition, and imagination. The painters of this period resounded this sentiment with their works, which were full of romantic imagery.

As a result, many Romantic artists secluded themselves and tended to create their masterpieces in solitude. These works focused on the beauty and power of nature and the human spirit. Many of these works were deeply personal and expressive of emotions, such as pain, melancholy, and love. Romantic artists were also strongly influenced by Gothic art, and felt a great affinity for the dark, mysterious, and uncanny.

The Romantic style influenced many different art forms. In addition to music, it also affected the visual arts. For instance, William Wordsworth, one of the founding fathers of English Romanticism, was one of its most influential intellectuals and central figures. He co-authored the classic poetry works Lyrical Ballads, as well as The Prelude. These works depict the growth and development of a poet’s mind.

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