What Type of Government Did Voltaire Support?

Updated: April 09, 2023
He generally supported constitutional monarchy and opposed absolute monarchy. He also supported separation of church and state.
Detailed answer:

Voltaire was a strong advocate for democracy and constitutional government, supporting a system based on reason and justice rather than force or coercion. He championed the rights of the individual, including freedom of speech, religion, and expression. Voltaire believed in the separation of powers and the implementation of checks and balances to prevent any one person or group from having too much power.

As a staunch opponent of tyranny, Voltaire fought against both monarchical and majority tyranny. He generally supported constitutional monarchy and opposed absolute monarchy, emphasizing the importance of religious toleration and the right of people to choose their own religion.

Voltaire believed in the equality of all people, regardless of social class or station in life. He was a strong opponent of slavery, advocating for the freedom of all individuals. Voltaire also recognized the importance of education and was a prominent supporter of the Enlightenment.

As one of the most influential thinkers of the eighteenth century, Voltaire’s ideas significantly contributed to shaping the modern world. His support for constitutional government, individual rights, and religious toleration has had a lasting impact on political thought and the development of democratic societies.

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