Why Did Voltaire Believe in a Supreme Being?

Updated: April 07, 2023
Voltaire believed in a supreme being because he thought that it was necessary for there to be a highest power in order to create and maintain balance in the universe.
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Voltaire was an 18th-century philosopher, writer and social critic. He was also a deist, which means he believed in one God who created the universe but did not intervene in human affairs. Voltaire’s beliefs were heavily influenced by the French Enlightenment and his own experiences as a victim of intolerance and persecution.

Philosopher believed that there had to be a supreme being in order to create and maintain balance in the universe. His belief that everything has an explanation led him to believe that there must be a God, who created everything. He also believed that God created man with free will, so that we could decide our own fate. This is why Voltaire argued against determinism, which said that all events were preordained by fate or God.

As he put it: if there is a God, he is infinitely incomprehensible; since having neither beginning nor end, he had no creator; and it is impossible for him to have any offspring. If he had always existed, where does he reside? Has he an intelligent mind? Is he powerful enough to make all that exists? Is he good or evil? Is he subject to death? Is there more than one God? These are questions that cannot be solved by human reason; thus we must submit our understanding to faith.”

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