What Type of Story Does The Nun’s Priest Tell?

Updated: September 22, 2022
The Nun's Priest tells a story about a rooster named Chauntecleer who has a dream about a fox trying to kill him. In the end, Chauntecleer is able to kill the fox and save his life.
Detailed answer:

The Nun’s Priest tells a story of a rooster named Chanticleer who is tricked by a fox. The story begins when a fox named Renard comes to the farm and flatters Chanticleer, telling him he is the most beautiful creature he has ever seen.

Chanticleer is so taken with the fox’s compliments that he allows him to stay on the farm. The fox soon begins to trick the other animals on the farm, including Chanticleer’s wife, Pertelote. He convinces Pertelote that Chanticleer is cheating on her and that she should leave him. Pertelote does leave Chanticleer, and the fox takes her place.

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