Which Statement Best Describes A Political Theory of John Locke?

Updated: December 11, 2022
John Locke believed in natural rights and a government by the consent of the governed.
Detailed answer:

The best statement to describe Locke’s political theory is: “Locke believed that the government should only have the power to do what is necessary to protect these rights.”

This statement best describes Locke’s political theory because it is based on the idea that government exists to protect the natural rights of its citizens. In other words, Locke believed that all individuals have certain natural rights, including the right to life, liberty, and property. The purpose of government is to protect these natural rights. Locke’s theory of government is based on the idea that in order to be free from tyranny, people must agree to a social contract with their government.

This is why he supported democracy—he thought it was the best way for people to keep their rulers under control because if you vote for someone who does something wrong you can vote them out of office!

Locke’s ideas have been criticized by some, who argue that they can be used to justify tyranny and oppression, however, these ideas continue to be influential, and his theory of government is considered one of the most important contributions to political thought.

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