Who is st john in jane eyre?

Updated: November 28, 2022
St John is a clergyman and one of Jane's cousins. He is also one of the three people who propose to her.
Detailed answer:

In Jane Eyre, the character of St. John saves the heroine’s life when she is starving. Her maidservant, Hannah, had refused to give her food and rebuked her for being a beggar. After observing Jane’s situation, St. John renders aid to her and reveals his true character. As a professional clergyman, he is a kind and thoughtful man.

The relationship between Jane Eyre and St. John is a complicated one. While they are both in love with Rosamond Oliver, their love is complicated by their conflicted personalities. Though their friendship is unbreakable, Jane and Rochester’s love remains the central theme of the novel. Although St. John seems to serve as Jane’s foil, he is also deeply in love with Rosamond Oliver, who she ultimately marries.

Although the resemblance is slight, St. John Rivers resembles a man who is not entirely unlike Henry Nussey. The novel’s author based many of the characters on real people. The character’s sarcastic and unrequited love is a real one, and many of the characters have been based on real people.

Jane is forced to make a decision between the two men she desires most: Rochester or St. John. She must choose between these two men, but ultimately, she chooses Rochester. This is the ultimate test of the true meaning of love.

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