Which Theme Best Fits The Story of Frankenstein?

Updated: November 28, 2022
The theme of Frankenstein is best fit by the themes of horror and science fiction.
Detailed answer:

I think the theme best suited to the story of Frankenstein is playing god.

The biggest lesson that I think Mary Shelley was trying to convey through her novel is that it’s very dangerous to play God and try to create life in a laboratory. I think she was trying to teach readers that when you start playing God, you run the risk of making mistakes and hurting others because your knowledge isn’t perfect and you don’t have all the answers.

If you look at Victor Frankenstein, it’s clear that he’s a very intelligent person who has great ideas about how he wants to change the world by creating life from scratch. But his arrogance gets in the way of his good intentions—he thinks he can do anything, so he tries creating life without any preparation or forethought about what might happen if things go wrong. This leads him to make lots of mistakes along the way: first with Igor (who eventually dies at his hands), then with Justine (who becomes falsely accused of murder), and finally with Elizabeth (who dies after giving birth).

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