Who Is Ernest In Frankenstein?

Updated: September 19, 2022
Ernest is Victor Frankenstein's best friend. He is also Elizabeth Lavenza's fiancé.
Detailed answer:

Ernest is the younger brother of Victor Frankenstein. He is very close to his brother and is always eager to please him.

Ernest is a very kind and gentle person. He is very intelligent and is always quick to understand things.

He is very brave and is never afraid to face danger. He will stand by his friends and help them whenever they need him.

Ernest is a very loyal friend, who will always stand by his friends no matter what happens. He is also a very loving and caring person who will never hurt anyone intentionally or even think ill of others without reason. He has no enemies because he forgives everyone easily, even if they have done something bad against him or someone else that could be considered unforgivable in normal circumstances (such as stealing from someone). This makes Ernest an extremely special person who is loved by all who know him and has many friends because of this quality about himself!

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