Selfishness Of Jason In Medea Research Character Analysis

Selfishness Of Jason In Medea Essay, Research Paper

Frequently, we can be found speaking about how our friends have changed. “ He/she merely isn ’ t the same individual as he/she used to be, ” is a common ailment heard. Yet, have they genuinely changed that much, though? In Euripides ’ play Medea, a good instance could be made of the difference in character that occurred throughout the drama. However, the word pictures of Jason ’ s personality traits were rather consistent during his being. He was driven by a force focused wholly around one thing — – himself. In the beginning, Jason simply came to claim his throne from his uncle. He so finds that merely through demoing his bravery can he go male monarch. His impossible undertaking: to obtain the Golden Fleece of Colchis. As it is consistent with his character throughout the narrative, Jason showed his selfishness. He banned together an ground forces of celebrated heros to finally get his kingship. Though he wasn ’ t wholly pure in motivation, he seemed moral to this point. Not caring about anything but his hereafter, Jason began his Quest for the Golden Fleece. Confronting his journey ’ s most certain terminal, Jason unrighteously wooed the love of Princess Medea, the girl of the male monarch of Colchis. Through hocus-pocus and use, Jason coerced his princess to lead on her male parent and slaying her brother, therefore obtaining the Golden Fleece and in bend his kingship. The wake of his actions destroyed a household, left an imperium in shambles, and corrupted a immature princess all in the name of his most evident characteristic — – selfishness. Not one of the before mentioned calamities seemed to count to Jason every bit long as he inherited his Crown. Jason appeared to hold changed from being moral with his conflicts and traffics, to being foul with immorality. He went from simply desiring his throne to going a runaway train of greed running over everything in his way. Jason didn ’ t alteration

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, though, but he kept the same internal motivation of experiencing his ain personal demands.

Jason and Medea continued their journey as they escaped to Corinth. They seemed to hold been taking a more normal life, holding two kids. But Jason once more allow his true ego radiance through like the Sun as he left Medea to get married another adult female. Once more, he sent a household to shambles because of his ain personal demands. In this instance, the lone things that appeared to hold changed were Jason ’ s outward motivations. Rather than making anything for money and power, he ruined a matrimony and finally sacrificed his full household for love. As baronial and knightly as this may sound, the footing remained his selfishness. He non one time showed compunction for anyone hurt by his actions. Medea, of class, felt betrayed by Jason. In retaliation, she sends poisoned garments to his new married woman and therefore killing her and her male parent. One might believe that Jason would experience compunction or a hint of duty for this. One would besides believe that he would experience sad as good. However Jason non merely felt no compunction, but it seemed as though Jason felt nil at all sing this tragic event. Once once more this showed who he cared most about in his life. Finally, Medea kills her and Jason ’ s two kids, and Jason, at last, showed a spot of emotion. However it wasn ’ t remorse nor grieve ( two unselfish emotions ) , but he displayed true vindictive choler. He egotistically demanded justness from the Gods and cursed them for non following, as Medea flies off in triumph. Jason ’ s actions differed, throughout the drama, in outward motivation and in strength. Deep down, though, lived inside him the monster of selfishness and it dictated all of his actions. In the terminal this monster tragically destroyed two lands, two households, and countless lives that all could hold otherwise been saved. Cipher, irrespective of what they think of themselves, is deserving that.

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