Who is carlson in of mice and men?

Updated: November 28, 2022
Carlson is a ranch hand who works with George and Lennie. He is the one who suggests that they kill Lennie so that he doesn't have to go through the pain of being put in a mental institution.
Detailed answer:

The main character in Of Mice and Men is Curley, a young, skinny guy who hates larger guys. Another character is Candy, an old ranch janitor who is afraid of being fired for his clumsiness. The third character, Carlson, is powerful and uncaring. We don’t know much about him, but his behavior is a key factor in the story.

Carlson is a ranch hand who owns a Luger. His insensitivity causes him to be a dangerous man, and he eventually kills Lennie using his gun. He also shows little empathy or self-reflection, making him a good flunkey for Curley.

While Carlson is presented as a nice guy, his actions show a lack of concern for others. His only motivation is practicality. This lack of sentiment is indicative of the men of the time period. While his actions aren’t necessarily hostile, they are meant to be brusque.

Despite his large stomach, Carlson is not an overly intimidating character. His presence in the story demonstrates the complexities of human nature. Carlson is a ranch hand who complains about the smell of Candy’s old dog. He also possesses the ability to hear up to eleven or thirteen mules at a time, which enables him to be an authority figure on the ranch.

Carlson’s personality is very different than Candy’s. He’s described as being powerful, with a big stomach. In fact, he uses his stomach to make fun of Candy’s old smelly dog and Lennie’s last name. While he’s the dominant character, Carlson also has a sidekick named Slim. His face is stooped, and his hands are big.

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