Who is crooks in of mice and men?

Updated: November 28, 2022
Crooks is a black stable buck who suffers from loneliness and isolation. He is not allowed into the bunkhouse with the other men, and he is not allowed to socialize with them.
Detailed answer:

“Crooks” is a character in the novel Of Mice and Men. He is an African American and is employed as a leather worker at a ranch. He traces his family history back to farmers and wishes to return to that lifestyle. This character’s treatment in the novel is representative of the treatment of African-Americans at that time. Crooks’ story also highlights the injustice of racism and the separation of race and community.

“Crooks” is one of the most powerful characters in Of Mice and Men. In the novel, he plays a more powerful role than other characters, such as Curley and Lennie. Steinbeck created this character to highlight the effects of racism on African-Americans. As a black man, Crooks is treated differently than the other characters and he is discriminated against because of it.

Crooks is the only black laborer on the ranch. He is afflicted with a crooked back and resents being treated poorly. Lennie tries to befriend him and make him feel welcome on the ranch. However, he finds that Crooks is disempowered, and he is constantly wary of kindness and sympathy.

Throughout the book, we learn that Crooks is lonely and craves companionship. His conversations with Candy and Lennie reveal his longing for companionship. Although he is a stable hand, Crooks is destined to be “thrown out” if he is no longer useful. His relationship with Curley’s wife is strained because he won’t allow her in his bunk. In addition to his loneliness, Crooks also faces extreme discrimination on a daily basis.

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