What Is Frankenstein’s Monster’s Name?

Updated: November 28, 2022
Frankenstein's Monster's name is not given in the novel.
Detailed answer:

Frankenstein’s monster is often referred to by a variety of names, including “the monster,” “the creature,” and “it.” The name Frankenstein is often used to refer to the monster even though this is technically incorrect.
In most cases, Frankenstein’s monster does not have a name. It is simply referred to as “the monster” or “it.” In some cases, however, it is also referred to as Adam by those who sympathize with him.
In popular culture, it is common for people to call Frankenstein’s monster “Frankenstein,” even though this is technically incorrect.
The name “Frankenstein” was used in Mary Shelley’s novel because she wanted to make it clear that the monster was not named after Dr. Frankenstein himself but rather after his creation.
The character of Frankenstein’s monster is complex and multi-faceted; he can be both kind and violent at different times depending on what he needs at any given moment in order for him to survive in an unfamiliar world where he does not fit in very well at all because of how different he looks from everyone else around him!
Frankenstein’s monster has been portrayed many different ways over the years since first being introduced into popular culture by way

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