Why Did Daisy Marry Tom In The Great Gatsby?

Updated: June 09, 2023
Daisy married Tom because she loved him and because he was wealthy.
Detailed answer:

Daisy married Tom because she loved him. Although Tom was not a particularly good person, he did have some redeeming qualities—most notably his love for Daisy. When Daisy sees Gatsby for the first time at her house, she admits that she feels as if she’s met someone who is “suddenly dear to me,” and that “I’m glad I came.” She also acknowledges that there is something special about Gatsby: “He’s got his faults, but he has things in him that make up for it.” Later on in the novel when Nick tells Daisy that he saw Gatsby with a prostitute, her reaction is not one of disgust or anger but rather regret: “She looked at me for an instant with eyes that were alive with distress—and then something changed in her face.”

Daisy also loves Tom because he has money and can provide her with a luxurious lifestyle (which includes owning many cars). She doesn’t seem to care much about what kind of person Tom is; instead, she cares about what kind of lifestyle they will be able to enjoy together once they are married. For example, when Nick asks Daisy if they want children together, her response is that they should wait until they can afford them.

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