Who Did King Arthur Marry?

Updated: January 25, 2023
He married Guinevere, who was the daughter of King Leodegrance.
Detailed answer:

King Arthur’s first wife was Guinevere (also known as Gwenhwyfar), whose father was Leodegrance, the king of Cameliard, who had been given the Round Table by Arthur. In some stories, Guinevere was Arthur’s cousin, but this was probably just to make her more acceptable as a wife for him.

Some stories say that she was the daughter of Ygerna (Igraine) and Gorlois, but it is generally agreed that she was not their child but rather the child of a previous marriage. It is thought that she may have been raised by Ygerna and Gorlois after they left Uther Pendragon after he raped Igraine.

In some versions of the legend, Guinevere marries Arthur when he is still young; in others, he is already king when he marries her. She becomes queen when she comes of age or when he becomes king.

Theirs was a love match and it seems that Guinevere was more than just the king’s consort; she appears to have been his friend and companion as well. She bore him two sons, Mordred and Gawain, and a daughter named Laudine.

Arthur later took a second wife, Igraine (or Ygerne in some legends). She bore him another son named Morgan le Fay or Morgause (in some legends).

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