Why Gilgamesh is an Epic Hero?

Updated: November 28, 2022
Gilgamesh is an Epic Hero because he embodies the ideal human being. He is brave, strong, and virtuous, and he is a great leader.
Detailed answer:

Gilgamesh is an epic hero because he is brave, powerful, wise, just and built the city of Uruk.

An epic hero is Gilgamesh because he was a king, he was two-thirds god and one-third man, he was brave and powerful warrior, he was very wise and just, he built the city of Uruk, he defeated the monster Humbaba and the giant ogre Gugalanna, he went on a quest to find the secret of immortality, along the way he faced many challenges and dangers, in the end Gilgamesh failed to find the secret of immortality but learned some important lessons about life and death.

Gilgamesh was a king who ruled over Uruk in ancient Mesopotamia. He was also said to be two-thirds god and one-third man. This means that his mother was a goddess who gave birth to him after mating with her father (Ea). He had superhuman strength (like Hercules), but also had human weaknesses such as lust for women and anger at those who crossed him. Gilgamesh’s father was Lugalbanda (or Ninsun), a ruler of Uruk who descended from Anu (the sky god) via Enlil (the wind god). Gilgamesh’s mother was Ninsun (“Lady Wild Cow”), daughter of Enki (god of water).

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