Regulations of Railroad Crossing Safety

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When considering railroads and trains, I am amazed and deeply fond of them. However, my admiration comes with a sense of duty. I am keenly aware of their inherent dangers and the importance of treating them with utmost caution. This includes refraining from playing or engaging in any horseplay near railroad crossings. Trains are both swift and enormous, making sudden stops impossible. In one of the videos, a train conductor was interviewed about railroad crossing safety. He shared a haunting experience of taking someone’s life because they had been unaware of an approaching train traveling at 45 miles per hour.

To prevent numerous accidents involving trains and other vehicles, it is important for individuals to be more cautious. One individual suggested that if the person had only looked both ways to check for the train, the vehicle collision and unintentional fatality could have been avoided. Moreover, in the second video, it was observed that friends played a significant role in guiding individuals to make the correct decisions, primarily when one person acted as the passenger or the leading friend. Although having a friend’s support is beneficial, challenges arise when an individual finds themselves alone without the guidance and wisdom of their friends.

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It is crucial to acknowledge the preventable casualties that can occur, whether we are drivers or passengers. We must recognize the dangers and exercise caution when crossing railroads, always being aware of the presence of trains regardless of functioning lights. Failure to exercise caution in situations without power could lead to death or serious injury. Having a clear line of sight is crucial, both directly in front and in our peripheral vision. If it means temporarily removing your hood for just 5 seconds, then do so as preserving someone’s life outweighs being cool.

You should be able to perceive the train not only visually, but also by hearing its engine or horn. No song or beat is worth risking your life for, as every time a person has challenged a train, they have ended up losing, unless they possess superhuman abilities like Superman, which I highly doubt. Avoid crossing between cars because the train might start moving unpredictably, causing you to get caught underneath if any piece of clothing gets snagged. The young man in the second video gave a great example, and I completely agree with his statement.

He asked us if we would take a shortcut by crossing a freeway at midday. Of course, we declined. So, why would we dare to cross a road that is even more dangerous and has lower odds of surviving an accident? Always be cautious when crossing railroads and remember to think critically. As someone who is deeply concerned about railroad safety, it drives me to take on more responsibilities. I am fully conscious of the risks involved and should never underestimate them. This also means avoiding any playful behavior at railroad crossings.

Trains are moving at excessive speeds and are too large to abruptly halt. It was suggested that if the individual had merely checked both directions to spot the oncoming train, they would have avoided colliding with the vehicle and unintentionally causing the death of that individual. Additionally, it is important not only to visually perceive the train or notice the flashing lights, but also to listen for the engine or horn sounds. No song or rhythm is worth listening to at the expense of your life.

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