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Rate Common Sense and Reasonable Answers a 1 Out of 4 Stars

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Warren William Luce talks about the big issues that are going on in the world, such as politics, terrorism, war, violence, health care costs, our national debt, jobs, the economy, national security, immigration, social security, religion, materialism, and spiritualism. He gives lots of advice and solutions to America’s problems. I’ll admit I don’t agree to all of his solutions. There are only a few things throughout his book where I would say he was right. But for the most part, most of his solutions weren’t fully thought out.

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Rate Common Sense and Reasonable Answers a 1 Out of 4 Stars
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I rate Common Sense and Reasonable Answers a 1 out of 4 stars. I didn’t give this book a 2-star rating because even though others might like to read this book, it is just not worth reading. I believe that people who are not entirely informed about the topics being discussed in this book might agree with everything the author is writing about.

As for readers like me, I want to read facts! I need proof! Real resources on what the author is writing about. Unlike William, he uses all these book references to ‘back up’ his statement/his own ideas as facts/proofs. That is why I highly don’t recommend reading this book to anyone. Even though he clearly states, that none of this is yet proven. Just enough ‘proof’ to believe in what is being said.

The elements I liked most about the book was when William spoke about how we need to follow God’s instructions, change our wicked ways and raise our children properly. As a believer, I agree that we, the people, should choose the path of righteousness so in that way we can bring among ourselves that peace, that harmony, and be in fellowship, in companionship, in friendship, and in togetherness with our brothers and sisters (fellow human beings). Rather than causing friction between one another, and killing and hurting the human race. As William says, ‘To show love is the most important message of the Gospel of Christ.’ And that my fellow reader is beyond true! As the author continues to say, ‘America has the potential for greatness!’ It all starts’ by understanding that peace and well-being are not achieved by military forces and materialism, but by love.’ We, the people tend to prioritize material things first rather than being of service to those in need who cannot pay. I whole-heartedly believe that we, as a whole should be able to be more compassionate and forgiving to one another.

The elements I disliked most about the book was how the author wrote his book. He was very REPETITIVE! Like, I mean, VERY repetitive and that was almost in every paragraph. Literally, like, ‘Okay, guy! I get it. I know this already. Can we go to the next topic? Awesome! Next topic! Oh, never mind. He keeps bringing up what he just said in the previous chapter and that chapter. Enlighten me, please!’ The author also sounds devastated, at times desperate, even annoying sometimes and immature when he does this. I really hated reading through the book. I read it thoroughly and gave this book a chance. I honestly did. Reading this book was a waste of my time. Trust me. Even the conclusion doesn’t even sound like a final thought! More like another repetitive chapter and/or a new thought/issue. Also, his solutions to America’s problems were not fully thought out! For example, one of his solutions, like the E-Verify, is lacking common sense. I strongly disagree with this so-called ‘solution’ for citizenship. There is no point in making illegal immigrants go through this process just to not even be treated as an American citizen. Either way, they will be discriminated. I find it quite hypocritical when the author talks about Congress being a certain way and how politicians are being like this and like that, but for him to suggest or support that ‘solution’, we the people are also not treating our fellow brothers and sisters (immigrants) fairly.

In conclusion, mostly everything that Luce speaks about in his book is impossible to do. For we are not like most countries! Where we can better our health costs and our annual debts. But what I do love and respect is being able to better ourselves, our health, our diet, and the practice of nutritional and holistic medicine. To sacrifice our self-interests for the good of the whole. For humankind can either destroy the earth or make it paradise. The author talks about how, ‘God is Spirit, that He is the intelligence, the thought and the energy that must have created all that is and holds the whole world together in perfect order and harmony.’ I strongly agree that there is something bigger and greater than us. We will never have the ultimate truth about who we are and our purpose in life. Whether there is a God and what lies beyond death. But all we can do is just have faith, search God’s Wisdom and believe He exists!

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