My Favorite Sense – the Sense of Sight

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The eyes are the responsible parts of this sense, this sense works by giving us the images of all the objects and things around us, we the humans are not the only ones that have this sense, all the animals that we know have eyes, of course with exceptions, but almost every animal has this sense, but they do not have it so evolve as us, many animals can see colors like we do, other animals don’t see the things like we do on a third dimension, they can only see in two dimensions, like we the games of Nintendo, the old games, like the cell phone games.Our sense of sight is very developed, many animal will never see things like we do, with colors and in three dimensions, our eyes can handle this, I don’t know how to call them, programs, our eyes get the things we up side down, and they revert the information so we can see things in order, also one part of our eyes can control the quantity of light that we receive, if we are receiving too much light this part of the becomes smaller causing that only a little amount of light can enter the eyes in order to have a better looking of things, and if we are receiving a small amount of light that parts of the eyes becomes bigger so that we can use all the light that we are receiving in order to have a better looking of everything.I think that a very interesting thing of the eyes is that they can say what a person feels and what a person wants, they are used in poems and much persons think that the eyes are the must beautiful part of the body, because the color of the eyes can change in every person, I have brown eyes, but my almost girlfriend has green eyes, and I think they are the most beautiful eyes I have ever seen.

The Touch.This sense is represented in the body by the skin, every part of the skin has this sense on it, this sense work letting us know how do the things around us feel, this sense also help us by telling us if something is hot or cold, this sense is very important because some people that have a problem with this sense and doesn’t feel they make a lot of damage on their skin because if they are burning they doesn’t notice. The sense of sight is a very important sense, with out this sense we wouldn’t be able to recognize the soft and the smoothie things around us and also the ruff things, the feeling of all objects or things around us.I found very interesting how every single cell of the skin is connected to the brain if a little cell went burning the brain will notice right away, and this sense can make us feel very delicious things like: love with little and smoothie partner touches, we also can know when a mom is mad because, she pinched us and with us feeling that, immediately we will know that she’s mad or that something else is wrong.The Taste.This sense is represented by the mouth but almost all by the tongue, this sense work, when we eat, the tongue has many little skin holes, that let us taste all things from the most salad ones to the most delicious and sweetest things, we can also know when a thing is hot, or when a things is acid, this sense is very important because we have a very big list of kinds of food, imagine without a tongue, or this sense of taste, every single kind of food would know the same as the others, and that would be too bad, because I love chili and pizza.A very interesting thing that I found in this sense is that this sense can let us eat or can make us don’t want to eat, because the bad tasting food, is doesn’t received on our body, thanks to the taste alarm, we the people create our food, and almost every person that creates a food, they want to create a good taste with this food, in order to pass the taste alarm, our sense has develop a very interesting way to think, if it doesn’t taste good it wouldn’t enter twice, because it is not human it is bad for our body health, it is not for eating, because of his taste.The Smell.This sense is represented in our body by the nose, the nose is the one that controls the air that passes trough in order to go into our body, every single person has this sense, but some persons has this sense more evolved than others, because of different reasons, this sense let us smell the things around us, every single one, but with exceptions of course, like an example: water doesn’t have a smell, when it is clean, it doesn’t have smell, but when it is dirty or, when water is combined with a kool-aid or with many other things, water can smell to many things.I found very interesting of this sense that the nose controls it, and we can smell delicious things as well as very uiky things uuuggghhh, like the smell of dead animals, or many other things, but we can enjoy many smells on this world like the smell of roses, and the smell of your girlfriend’s hair, or even the smell of your favorite food.The Hearing.This sense is represented in the body with the ears, this sense work by letting us know what is happening around us in a hearing way, like the sound of the voice of the other persons, that you talk with, this sense works all the time, even when we are sleeping, sometimes when we are sleeping and we hear things we represent that sounds with something in a dream that we are having or something like that.A very interesting thing about this sense at least for me is that with out this sense life can be so difficult, here and in many other parts of the world many people doesn’t have this sense, they lost it, and know they can only evolve, like reading mouths and reading eyes, or they can use the easiest things that humans had done for this kind of persons, like the talking with the hands or the electronic machines that human has created for this special people, many people that lost this sense can listen again thanks to the machines of this years, other things that this persons can do is make friends with the language that this persons had created, many people that has troubles with his listening, has problems with his talking, and that too bad but with the help of that language, that people can have normal lives, but only without hearing the songs of the birds, too bad, but many times that persons are the most happy persons on the world, and the ones that have everything all right are very unhappy.My Favorite Sense.The sense of sight is my favorite one because without it I wouldn’t be able of admire the moon, the sky and the stars, I wouldn’t be able to inspire myself when I see may girlfriend and then I wouldn’t make poems and good readings to her, it is my favorite because I love seeing the stars at night with their mother the moon, and I love seeing the sun running behind the moon, trying to get it but it doesn’t matter if he doesn’t get it he will never give up because that’s true love.I don’t know what would I do without his sense it’s so indispensable for me that living without him will be no life, it would only be a torture, can not seeing the beauty of the love, of my girlfriend and the sun, without seeing the beauty of roses and the beauty of all this world.This sense it’s very especial for me because, I get inspired by seeing things, I get inspired by seeing feelings, the persons feelings, and the objects feelings, every single thing in this world has feelings, no matter what anybody says the beauty of this world is simply the word of love.

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