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Reaction Paper – Knowledge Management

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Last December 7, 2013, we conducted our very first seminar as a Fifth Year Student. It was held at Lyceum of the Philippines University – Batangas Campus I was excited for the seminar, because I know that I will learn a lot of things to enhance my knowledge as an Industrial Engineering student. The objective of the seminar is to know the knowledge and skills that can be gained and achieved from the services offered by a certain individual.

The first speaker was Engr.

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Reaction Paper – Knowledge Management
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Romeo Gamboa, and his topic was all about “Safety awareness”. He taught us about the benefits of having safety in our daily activities. We as an individual who makes decisions, we need to think first before doing the action in order to ensure our safety. Unsafe acts and unsafe conditions in a place can lead to an accident that can interrupt an activity, cause an individual into an injury or death, and damage to a property. Every person needs to be concern in terms of safety awareness to have a fruitful life that is far from accident.

Second speaker was Engr. Felix Vergara, and his topic was all about “Operations Research”. He discusses us all about operations needed in order to be an efficient engineer and for the company to be more competitive. Different operations research approaches are needed to maximize profit and minimize cost, innovates systems, and to solve different problems faced by a company. We as Industrial Engineers should continually think of different operations that are needed to help the company increase its level of competence and to take more advantage over the other company.

Third speakers were from the Philippine Red Cross, their topic was all about first aid, and they taught us to be responsible in every accident that we can face. It is good to learn the seven principles of Red Cross; Humanity, Impartiality, Neutrality, Independence, Voluntary Movement, Unity, and Universality. These principles cover the main objective which is to save life of every person whom is in vulnerable situations. It is needed for an individual to learn what to do in case of an accident. Every individual should be knowledgeable and skilled in terms of giving first aid to save life of a person.

Overall, the seminar taught me that in every service that I lend, it is right to make it in a proper manner. Also to gain knowledge and skills that helps me to improve myself and to be more proficient Industrial Engineer for the near future.

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