Reaction Paper on the Lecture on “Cultural Identifiers”

Individuals from all walks of life have a constant need to be separated from each another and be identified in a certain group for them to be distinct. While every individual is different, individuals would always have something in common with other people (“Cultural Identifiers 2008). Some of these commonalities that have been stated in the lecture include the individual’s beliefs, area of residence, culture, and religion to name a few.

When we take an in depth look at people’s lives and values, it is the time we have to regard the sub identifiers. Yes, these are also important aspects, but we are separating ourselves from others is overdoing it. We are very contained in our own beliefs, values, socio economic status and even gender. As human beings, we judge others through their way of living and who they are. Even so, we are all the same. The same body structure with analytical minds. We even divide ourselves in our own country by education, family structure and race. These kinds of factors play a central role in our cultural identity.

            I believe that through history, people became affected by it. People started to separate from those who had conquered and violently treated them. Different cultures mean different beliefs. That is how it is from the very beginning. Religions verses Philosophies, values versus beliefs, gender versus sexual orientation and so on. Each factor is distinct. Each group should be different.

Thus, characteristic is developed through a sense of belonging within a particular group. It is from here that individuals gain their own respective disposition in life.  Being a member of a particular group would help the individual on certain things like work, business and education within the society he or she is a part of.  Through this, the individual is provided access to a better way of living that one expects from society.


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