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Real vs. Online Communication

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    Nowadays, people could not live without a social network as they are using social network for their daily activities. Social network gives us access to information and resources that we want. Social network is convenience to people as it provides us in doing business, homework, making new friends, provide news daily. Although the social network is useful, since in the year to see, a lot of troubles had happened from social network which were a lot of money was cheated, someone was suicide, someone get killed. Therefore, the relationship of a person will be influenced by social network who is having the mentality of revenge to get back their benefit. Although, modern day communication via social network does brings a lot of advantages to us. However, I strongly disagree that because modern day communication via social network does affect human relationship and spread contagion effect. First of all, Dr. Rachna (2010) states that modern day communication via social network does affect human relationship. Social network allows us to connect to more people such as Facebook, Twitter and Friendster which enable us to connect with many people, from all walks of life, that we might normally meet in a normal work-week. Nowadays, many businessman are doing the business through social network.

    They have to be good to every costumers which to build up a good relationship. Therefore, it’s easy to draw near to someone you would like to meet. Although, how much they are unwilling but they have to follow and listen to their costumer. In fact, they have to face the pressures from their customer which become unbalance mental. Because of this reason, it might affect their interpersonal relation. Moreover, it might change you original behaviour which will lead you to become difficult communicate to everyone Moreover, Cacioppo (2009) tells that modern day communication via social network does spread contagion effect. For example, if you see someone is angry, lonely, or hostile, in your online social network and takes it out on you, you are more likely to transmit this mood yourself. It is means which their bad behaviour can still affect yours even through you might never meet this people or work together with them in real life.

    Therefore, when you become more involved with each other in social network which you might be more prone to social network moodiness. In fact, some of people like to show off that they are rich, handsome, with high-status which would let some of people feel low self-esteem and uncomfortable because they envy for these benefits. So, some of them start to beef and complain to their life, parents and studies which are not really perfect. It is easily lead a person into a bad emotional. Modern day communication via social network does bring a lot of advantages to us. Social network helps us get connected with our siblings, and friends from other countries. In addition, it can help us see info and news and talk with friends and argue important topics. Moreover, it allows you get updated with recent status of your friends and more importantly recent social situations. Therefore, it provides you a selection for participating in the social activities and a span to get a change in the society. Social network brings together people of common interests. For example on Facebook, people can join groups which interest them, so they free to share their personal story and experiences. On the other hand, there are a lot strange and unaccountable on social network which is quite dangerous. For example, you might receive a mysterious message, call, news, info from anonymous.

    In fact, these might be any trick and ruse from fraud groups which they want to get your benefits such as wealth, real-estate and bank-account. In conclusion, the social network is quite unaccountable and strange for some of people because it could be good and bad to everyone. It depends to the situation as what type of person to use it. However, one thing I can sure that modern day communication via social network does affect human relationship and spread contagion effect. I know that nowadays people are usually using social network but some of them are too addict onto it. I just want to give an advised that now teenagers should have to self-control to enjoy wonderful lifestyle because many of them have lost their wealth, became crazy, living in upset condition who were addict to social network. Besides, the case of tragedy will keep increased.

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