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reflection on aseptic technique

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Reflective Log – Aseptic Technique In this reflection I am going to discuss a procedure that I have carried out whilst I have been on placement and the importance of infection control using the Aspetic Non Touch Technique (ANTT). The procedure I am going to discuss is a dressing change to a leg ulcer which took place during a routine home visit with the community nurse. I am going to use Gibbs Model of Reflection (1988), to reflect on the experience and evaluate my thoughts and feelings of the procedure, and to outline what I have gained from the experience for my future practice.

After observing my mentor and other nurses performing various dressing changes using the Aseptic Non Touch technique (ANTT), and practicing the procedure …show more content…

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reflection on aseptic technique
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Once the dressings were securely on and the procedure had been finished, I removed my apron and gloves and disposed of them in the plastic bag, along with everything thing else I had used and then washed my hands again.

After leaving the patients home I discussed my practical experience with the Nurse who informed me that I although I had carried out the procedure well it was actually carried out using a clinically clean technique rather than the Aseptic Non Touch Technique as I had thought. As I had used the same gloves to remove the dirty dressings from the leg ulcer and then apply new sterile dressings I had not maintained the Aseptic Non Touch Technique. The Nurse informed me that this was perfectly suitable for the procedure I carried out as the wound was still kept as clean as possible and dressings and equipment used were sterile. Whilst carrying out the procedure I felt confident with my practice of the dressing change using the Aseptic technique. Although I was slightly nervous and self-conscious as I was aware that the trained Nurse was observing me, I felt that this did not come across in my body language or my practice. When the Nurse told me that I was not using the Aseptic Non Touch Technique I felt unsure of the whole process which then led to me re-evaluating my practice within this area. The Lincolnshire Community Health Service (LCHS) .

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