Stalling technique

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1. Houston was informed by Harris that he needed two weeks to consider his proposal. How should Houston handle this?

Harris is using a technique called a clip expostulation, also known as a stalling technique. In this specific case, Harris already has their demand fulfilled by another provider, but they are considering whether it is worth the effort to set up a new seller, despite experiencing some late deliveries. Estimating the clip expostulation can be challenging because it can have different meanings. In certain situations, changing products can be a lengthy process. It is understandable that buyers want to take time to think about the decision before committing and making changes. However, even if the buyer was initially considering the product seriously, two weeks and various distractions can dampen their excitement.

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The use of the clip expostulation can be seen as a passive way of saying no in certain situations. Buyers may employ this tactic to avoid dealing with a situation at a later date, knowing that if they can end the conversation or meeting, they can easily escape the situation. Personally, I have received the clip expostulation numerous times, and just like the class text mentioned, I believed that whenever a buyer asked for more time, it meant they were likely to make a purchase. For instance, when I was arranging products for a company, I spent over a month trying to reach a buyer at Dollar General. Finally, I managed to speak with him and presented my pitch confidently. He appeared very interested but requested me to call him back in a week so he could think it over. Unfortunately, despite making around 400 more calls, I was never able to reach the buyer again.

2. During the sales presentation, when Harris told Houston that he needed to think it over, what actions should Houston have taken?

Houston’s first step should be to explore the rationale behind the clip’s criticism and, if feasible, address any remaining concerns that Harris may have. Once Houston identifies any further objections and gains an understanding of Harris’ stance, he can begin to advocate and emphasize the need for expeditious action. However, Houston must exercise caution when pushing, as excessive pressure could damage their relationship and hinder potential business prospects with the buyer. If all other methods are unsuccessful and the buyer insists on taking time to think, Houston should promptly schedule a firm follow-up appointment.

3. What strategies should Houston have employed to overcome the bow procrastination tactic? While complete avoidance may be impossible at times, salespeople can take steps to prevent objections. Implementing the LAARC method is an effective approach to addressing resistance and objections. The LAARC method consists of five steps – listen, acknowledge, assess, respond, and confirm. Listening is always crucial in sales. By keeping quiet and paying attention, salespeople can often discover exactly what the buyer wants. Active listening demonstrates respect and arms the salesperson with the knowledge needed to meet the buyer’s needs.

Part of active hearing is admitting what a purchaser is stating. If you acknowledge that, it proves that not only are you listening but you are understanding. Appraisal is carefully considering the words of the purchaser and orienting your presentation based on the appraisal. Responding is taking all that you absorb through hearing, admitting, and measuring and reacting in a way that connects the purchaser’s needs to your sales presentation. Confirming is the final step when you ensure that the purchaser understands why the product is the perfect fit for their needs.

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