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Relationship between Doubt and Certainty

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The 2012 Summer Olympics had a major impact on the world’s views on society when Oscar Pistorious, South Africa’s “The Blade Runner”, ran the 400 meter run with two carbon-fiber legs. At home Pistorious was always treated like a person without a handicap, but when becoming public to the world, most individuals weredubious of his ability to compete against non-handicapped runners. Being certain of himself, Pistorious never let the negativity bring him down and he completed his race.

When doubt comes from an outside source, it can lead to greater certainty for the individual being questioned who feels compelled to validate themselves.

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Relationship between Doubt and Certainty
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Throughout history the capability of women has been highly doubted, which has motivated woman to debunk any disparagement. To delineate, Amelia Earhart, the first woman to fly across North America and back, was doubted ever since she was a child by her father, Edwin Earhart, and as she grew up by other people as well.

Amelia Earhart’s younger sister, Anita Earhart, was one person who doubted her ability to fly an aircraft when she first began.

Amelia Earhart proved her family and others that doubted her that she was capable of accomplishing her goals when she became the first women to fly across North America and when she became a famous pilot, even after a few fails. In this case, Amelia Earhart used the doubt of others to bolster her certainty of achieving her goals by never giving up even when all those around her thought she would not amount to anything.

Moreover, the children’s book,The Tortoise and The Hare, reveals a story of how no one believes in the Tortoise to win a race because he is slow, while the Hare was supported due to his speed. In the beginning of the tale, the Tortoise and the Hare challenge each other to a race. Since the beginning, the Tortoise was certain he’d win. At the end of the story, the Tortoise beats the Hare to the finish line when he never loses faith and stays persistent.

The Tortoise fed off of everyone’s doubt to continue moving forward and completing the race. In essence, individuals look to those who doubt them as a challenge, which leads to their certainty. In society, individuals like prove others wrong and show them that they are certain of themselves. Overall, outside sources power a person’s certainty because the more a person is doubted that person thrives to excel in any task.

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