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Religion and God Essay

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For the purpose of our discussion on critical thinking, we shall define

Truth, as an objective reality. According to this view, what People believe about something in no way altars reality? Since as long a s i can remember, my parents have taught me to believe in “God, the father of Jesus Christ, the “one” who created the world we live in today.

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Religion and God
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As I got older and a little wiser I started to question this invisible figure.

Who is he? How do I know that he can perform miracles? Does he forgive you?

of your sins? Just as I started to find out if Santa Clause was really a figment of my

Imagination, I wanted to know the same about God, I wanted to know the truth.

When I was at the age of seven, I found out that my Grandmother, from my dads side of the family was very ill, her kidneys gave out, and she needed a transplant.


Remember that day very vividly; I remember walking into the hospital room where she was placed at the time, and a sort of silence with a mixture of darkness in the room. We entered the hospital room and the Doctor had told my family and I that there was no kidney transplant available for my Grandmother. It was a shock to my family and me.

2 Andia

Everyone knew if there wasn’t a transplant that she wouldn’t make it. Yet my family did not loose faith, they kept on praying and praying just so that she wouldn’t die. The next day my father received a call, and that call changed the way I felt about my religion and God. The doctor had told my father that my uncle that has been living in another country for over the past twelve years was going to donate one of his kidneys to his mother. I could not believe it but this event, and experience changed the truth.

Another event that i experienced that altered the way I looked at reality, and believing in God was when i was ten years old, and my mother had a pre-mature baby and the doctors said that the baby was in no chance of making it. My little brother had not fully developed his organs inside completely, and I think that God was on our side, and helped my family and I overcome the biggest fears of loosing a life that was born and almost taken. This event also helped change the truth that I was looking for.

What people believe about something in no way altars reality? This is a characteristic of me that will never change no matter what, due to these events it altered my belief in God, in that he does perform miracles and he does listen to your prayers.


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