Research Proposal- Franklin D Roosevelt and New Deal Essay

Research Proposal- Franklin D Roosevelt and New Deal

I am intended to write my research paper of Franklin D Roosevelt’s New Deal i.e. a inspired and inventive answer and reaction to the stretched predicament in American economic growth and how the policies and measures of F.D. Roosevelt helped taking America out of the depression prevailing in the country.  It will further highlight the attitude of Supreme Court towards New Deal.

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Research Proposal- Franklin D Roosevelt and New Deal
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The New Deal is name given to a series of actions taken by F.

D. Roosevelt’s administration to reform the American economic domain that suffered massively during the Great Depression. The chief objective of the New Deal was keeping a balance between different interests in a capitalistic system and to lead American nation and economic system to a new future.

Though the actions of FDR’s administration did not form a part of carefully planned scheme and were taken to deal with the immediate problems, yet of all actions were guided by three principles-relief, recovery and reform.

FDR administration succeeded in preventing the destruction of American economic and political system. In fat as a result of his administration, policies and effective measures, American socio-economic system was further strengthened. American Supreme Court played a pivotal role in the whole process by securitizing and channelizing it.

Supporting Arguments/outline:

Relief Measures taken by FDR administration

A.    Federal Emergency Relief Administration

B.     Works Progress Administration

Recovery Measures taken by FDR administration

A.    Reconstruction Finance Commission

B.     National Recovery Act

C.     Encouragement of trade unions

D.    Agricultural Adjustments

E.     Banking and Finance

F.      Abandonment of Gold Standard

Reform Measures taken by FDR administration

A.    Social Security Act

B.     Housing Problems

C.     Coordination of Railroads

Critical Evaluation of New Deal and FDR administration

A.    Bad Effects of New Deal

B.     Good Point of New Deal

Foreign policy of FDR

Attitude of Supreme Court toward New Deal and F.D. Roosevelt’s response to it


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