Rhetorical Analysis: Border War: Battle over Illegal Immigration Essay

Recently illegal immigration has become a very pressing issue among people. Many people around the borders are being greatly affected by the issue and think immediate action needs to be taken to put a stop to the issue. The Documentary Border War: Battle Over Illegal Immigration takes a stand on the issue using many examples of pathos, ethos, and logos to try and persuade people that illegal immigration is a very serious issue and we need to put a stop to it.

This documentary follows the lives of people who have been affected by illegal immigration, and explains how they feel about the issue. Another way that people can look at the issue of illegal immigration is through the eyes of the immigrants, and the reasons why they might be trying …show more content…

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Rhetorical Analysis: Border War: Battle over Illegal Immigration
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The next man that was followed was J.D. Hayworth, a state congressman for Arizona. He provided a lot of detail and facts on the immigrants that were trying to cross the border into the United Stated.

He is also trying to build more laws and put more laws into effect to tighten the border between Arizona and Mexico because at this point that is the main source of entrance into the U.S. Some of the other people filmed in the documentary were people who were trying to raise awareness to others about the problem of illegal immigration and a woman whose husband was murdered by an illegal immigrant. The ethos effect in the documentary wasn’t the only effective part though; they also did a great job with the pathos effect. The documentary uses pathos by examples of real life situations of people who where personally affected by illegal immigration. The documentary follows the life of a woman, Teri March, whose husband, who was a cop, was murdered by an illegal immigrant when her husband pulled him over during a traffic stop. The story is really emotional and really makes you think about the concept of illegal immigrants. After the immigrant, Armando Garcia, shot officer March he then fled to Mexico that way he wouldn’t get caught. They talk to Teri March and as they are interviewing her it is very hard for her to recall the story because of how emotional it is to her. She begins crying and this really begins to hit the audience and makes them want to do .

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