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Rio Carnival Festival

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Rio Carnival Festival

Rio De Janeiro Carnival is the actual name of Rio Carnival which is celebrated in Brazil. This grand festival is celebrated for 4 days. It lasts up to Ash Wednesday which comes 40 days before Easter. During this festival we express our joy and elation through music and dance; lots of it. Its commencement is marked with the mayor giving a giant silver key to the Momo or the fat king. This is mostly celebrated in the month of February which is the hottest time of the year.

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Rio Carnival Festival
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In Brazil we start the preparation for this festival at a very early stage. More than 50,000 visitors from around the world participate in this festival. The festival found its way into Brazil in 1723 through Portuguese settlers. This is an interesting festival and all the people take part in it with great gusto. All the four days of the celebration of this joyous carnival are announced as public holidays. For the school children this is the end of their summer holidays which starts at the month of December.

So the celebrations are full-fledged and the whole country comes together.

The history of this festival goes back to the Portuguese “Entrudo” festival. It gradually changed over the years and it is now the most popular festival or carnival of Brazil. Many people desire to visit Brazil during this festive season and enjoy the ritual.

In the celebration of the Rio Carnival we playfully throw water on each other.  Many people get drenched in these water showers voluntarily. These showers of cool water under the sweltering sun please one and all. People flock into the streets to celebrate this carnival with the natives known as the Cariocas.

Many activities take place during this festival season. There are various gatherings for enchantments and for energy. Though the carnival is celebrated all over Brazil thereBraz are three interesting places where this festival is celebrated with the greatest enthusiasm; Rio de Janeiro, Salvador de Bahia, and Olinda. As a part of celebration there is music and dance. The styles of the music and dance adopted for each carnival is different.

The events during the celebration of the Carnival differ from one part of Brazil to another. In the southern part of Brazil the cities organize musical competitions for children and the world famous Parades are organized by Samba. It also sets the stage for many competitions. The north eastern city also conducts parades and also there is a variety of dances in which all people can participate.

Apart from these there are many other styles of celebrations. One such is the Pernambuca style. “Galo da Madrugada” is the biggest parade in the world considering the participation of people according to “The Guinness book of World Record”. “Galo da Madrugada” means the “early morning rooster” and as the name suggests the parade is taken out in the morning.

Another style is the Bahia Style. The music is given so much of importance here. Music differs with each carnival with different rhythms. Many people follow the trucks, dancing in joy.

One of the other prominent styles is Minas Gerais Style. Here the carnival is characterized by blocos carnavalescos. They are well known for various themes and styles. They have certain similarities to the Samba school of dance. Street dances are also performed during this celebration. There are parties organized on Saturday nights with local drinks.

The festival holidays offers us some time with our families and relations in an otherwise busy schedule. The festival symbolizes love, affection and care in a way. We also visit the church during the Rio Carnival celebrations. We buy gifts for our near and dear ones. Neighbors and relatives get together for lunch and dinner.

The bells chime around the churches. There is lots of music and dance out there on the streets. Parades take place. Water is splashed on almost every individual. The Rio Carnival gives people a chance for a reunion with family and friends for four long days in a joyous tone. Go around Brazil during this festival time and you can also be a part of this great revelry.

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