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Risk Management Enterprise Risk Management & Risk Management Plan [pic] Risk Factors in Implementing Total Quality Management in Your Organization This TQM article is about Implementing Total Quality Management (TQM) in an organization. It is quite known to the business world that this is not an easy task. However, there is a systematic approach to assess its likelihood of success in implementing TQM provides an early sign for actions. Below are a set of questionnaires to assess 5 critical success factors for a Implementing Total Quality Management in an organization.

It is a simple and direct questions asked to draw the readiness of an organization in its sate of preparedness. The questions should be answer in a skill of 0 to 10, being 0 is the lowest score and 10 is the highest score. when allocating score, the instantaneous answer in mind should be taken instead of think through too thoroughly. There are 2-3 questions to each of the Critical Success Factors. Strategic Focus To what extent are team improvement objective focused on strategic organization goals?

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To what extent are team success related to the organization financial success? Management Commitment To what extent do senior managers review the progress of improvement teams? How often senior management involve in the team activities? How often are team improvement recommendations approved by senior management Links to the Line Organization How well are team improvement recommendations executed by the rest of the organization (other department with similar processes To what extent improvement recommendations are derived from a systematic tools?

To what extent are team improvement recommendations piloted before a solution is launched? Organizational Versus Functional Focus To what extent are employee in your organization rewarded for meeting organization goals? How well do employee work across functions and departments in your organization? To what extent are team emphasize on organization improvement project as opposed to functional projects? Methods and Support To what extent do your teams get training and support from trained facilitators on a regular basis?

To what extent do your teams follow a consistent Improvement Methodology? To what extent do your sponsor understand the Improvement Methodology? In summary: Upon completion of all the questions, you can draw the score into a radar chart with the high score at the outer sphere of the radar chart. The shape of the radar chart would provide a clear indication which is the area of focus for improvement. These questionnaires should be taken as an indicators for success in Implementing Total Quality Management.

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