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The Story of Robin Hood

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This is the story of Robin Hood and his partner Juan, for them it was very normal to walk through the Sherwood forest. One day while doing this, they heard the trumpets of the royal procession sounding in the distance. Such an uproar was due to Prince John returning home after having collected taxes from the poor inhabitants of England.

Robin Hood and Juan saw that, they dressed up as gypsies and very politely detained the court with the sole intention of reading the future to the young prince for free.

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Councilor Hiss made many excuses and did not agree with that but the prince insisted very much. This was the perfect way they found to recover much of the money that had been raised and distribute it among each of the people who were looted. England was a country that had fallen into total poverty since King Richard had left and his son Prince John had taken possession, as it was characterized by imposing very severe taxes, in such a way that many of the inhabitants of the kingdom could not pay .

Robin Hood and Juan were outraged at this situation, so they acted in this way, but as revenge for everything that happened, the prince was enraged and took very strong measures to curse all the inhabitants. The value of taxes increased them all in such a way that it was even more impossible for many to pay. Anyone who did not turn their contribution over to the Nottingham Sheriff again would be thrown in jail.

Another of the actions he took was to organize an archers tournament, to be held soon. The main objective of this contest was to capture Robin Hood at once and for this, the prince had thought of everything because the trophy would be delivered by Maid Miriam, Robin’s former fiancee.

Robin could not resist the temptation and attended the contest disguised as a stork and managed to win in a strong confrontation with the sheriff. When everything was ready to be captured, young Robin was able to flee with Maid Miriam to the forest. Juan, the prince, was very enraged with his new failure so as revenge for this defeat he sent to lock up all the bandit’s friends. Among them was Fray Tuck who would be executed at dawn for being considered high treason.

There was a great friendship between Robin and Fray, so the prince did not doubt that Robin was going to appear to try to rescue him, and that would be the right time to capture and eliminate him once and for all. Night came and the two bandits, Robin and his partner Juan, managed to enter the fortress. Once inside they fought with the guards achieving great losses.

The objective of the two outlaws was for John to free all the prisoners and Robin to take all the wealth from the prince and then deliver it to the people. After doing everything as planned, the prisoners escaped with all the riches, but Robin could not because he was trapped inside the fort surrounded by all the prince’s guard guided by the sheriff himself. Despite this, Robin Hood was able to jump into a moat and subsequently rejoin all his companions.

The return of the King was very good since this ended the unjust persecution against Robin Hood and his friends and managed to stop Prince John. Councilor Hiss and Sheriff Nottingham were imprisoned while a decree was drawn up forgiving Robin and his companions. When all this happened, Robin Hood and Maid Miriam finally got married in a beautiful wedding attended by all their friends. Juan, his inseparable friend did not want to leave him, so he went with the happy couple to the place where love and peace would not be lacking.

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