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Saving Private Ryan

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In this essay, I will talk about the methods used to make the opening battle sequence of “Saving Private Ryan” both shocking and realistic and how effective it is as an introduction to the film. The film is about the D-Day of the Second World War.The battle sequence shows how shocking the war was. The film maker use very different ways to show how the war is terrifying,and for this uses many techniques which add to effects the make the most of the opening battle scene more realistic and shocking.

The three main methos that were used in this film was special effects, camera angles and graphic actions. In this essay, I will split the opening battle scene into four different parts. The transition from present to past, the instant of chaos, captain Miller’s confusion and the end of the battle.

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Saving Private Ryan
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The first part of the film was “The transition from present to past”. The scene started with an old man with his family walked towards a grave yard where the soldiers were burried.

This makes the viewers think that the old man must be a shldier who had faught the battle with the people who were burried in the grave yard or he will be the family or a friend of them.Otherwise he would not come and visit them.He cried after the arrived at one of the gravestone.This made the audience more curious about what is happening at this moment. They would want to know more about this old soldier,why did he cry and who was burried under that gravestone.The traditional American music start to come in as background music. The camera was closr up of the old man’s eyes, we can clearly see the focus of his eyes. As the old man had a flash back to the 6th June 1944 when the battle started. The camera shows a close up view of the soldiers. The sound that we can hear change from the traditional American music to the sound of the waves,boat enginem, comands from the captain and loud bangs and machine guns firing.

The second section of the opening scene was “the instant.

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