Scarlet Letter vs Ministers Black Veil

This essay is comparing and contrasting two narratives by Nathaniel Hawthorn. The narratives are The Scarlet Letter and The Ministers Black Veil. There are many similarities every bit good as differences. There are similarities in spiritual beliefs. They besides have about the exact same subjects. We will get down with a twosome paragraphs on what the two narratives have in common

Both narratives involved wickedness. In The Scarlet Letter Dimmesdale whom was a curate hid his vermilion missive in shame while Hester Pryne was accused of criminal conversation. This relates to the curate in The Ministers Black Veil since the curates veil was used to conceal the minister’s shame. So both the narratives have really similar subjects.

Both narratives are besides really puritanistic in spiritual beliefs. They both had really purely spiritual people whom were seeking to obtain grace by weeding out evildoers so they were better people. Both narratives were made up of a batch of puritanistic beliefs. In both The Ministers Black Veil and The Scarlet Letter the supposed evildoers were antagonized throughout the narratives. Another thing the two novels had in coimmonm is that both curates were being hurt in some form or signifier

There are besides a few differences. First in The Ministers Black Veil there wasn’t any cocotte. In The Scarlet Letter Dimmesdale ne’er killed anybody like the other curate. There was good within the curates black veil even though he hid his face in shame he tried to do up for it. Dimmesdale did non in fact Dimmesdale was distributing rumours behind Heste’rs back and merely being atrocious. These narratives follow the chief subject of the epoch they were written in ( the puritanist epoch ) Puritanism is an highly rigorous faith.

This has been my comparison and contrast essay. I would wish to thank the reader for taking the clip to read the essay and I apologize if you find anything unsatisfactory thank you fr ypur forbearance.

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