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n the Second Treatise of Government by John Locke, he writes about the right to private belongings. In the chapter which is titled? Of Property? he tells how the right to private belongings originated, the function it plays in the province of nature, the restrictions that are set on the rights of private belongings, the function the innovation of money played in belongings rights and the function belongings rights play after the constitution of government.. In this chapter Locke makes important points about private belongings. In this paper I will sum up his analysis of the right to private belongings, and I will give my sentiment on some of the points Locke makes in his book. Harmonizing to Locke, the right to private belongings originated when God gave the universe to work forces. Locke makes the statement that when God created the universe for adult male, he gave adult male ground to do usage of the universe to the best advantage of life, and convenience. What he means by that is, that God made this universe for adult male, and when he made it he gave adult male the right to utilize what is in this universe to his benefit. Locke explains that every adult male has belongings in his ain individual, and that cipher has any right to that belongings but that individual. The writer states that? whatsoever so he removes out of the province of nature hath provided, and left it in, he hath assorted his labor with, and joined to it something that is his ain, and thereby makes it his belongings ( Locke pg. 19 ) ? . What Locke means by that statement is that one time a individual removes something out of its original province of nature that something becomes that individuals belongings. After person additions this belongings are at that place any restrictions on that belongings? Locke believes that there are restrictions on that belongings. Locke believes that God has given us all things amply, and that adult male may utilize those things every bit long as he takes what he needs. Work force can hold belongings every bit long as they obtained it truly, and every bit long as they use discretion. If those restrictions were overlooked when the individual was acquiring the belongings the belongings was non obtained truly. In the chapter the rights of belongings, Lo

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cke tells the function that the innovation of money dramas in belongings rights. Money was invented because people were mistreating their belongings rights. With the creative activity of money things were given value, and this innovation prevented people from taking more than they could afford. Money was an innovation that work forces could maintain without botching. Men could interchange money for genuinely utile, but perishable supports of life. This innovation plays a large function in the belongings rights. Now that there is money people have to utilize that money to acquire what they need alternatively of taking whatever they want as was the instance before the innovation of money. Harmonizing to Locke, single belongings rights alteration after authorities was established. He believes that in authoritiess, the Torahs regulate the right of belongings, and the ownership of land is determined by positive fundamental laws. Before the constitution of authorities Americans had the rights to belongings every bit long as they used it before it spoiled, and every bit long as they didn? Ts take more than they needed, and every bit long as they obtained it truly. After authorities, there were Torahs and limitations refering to belongings. These Torahs and limitations were established to procure protection of those who had belongings. I believe that some of Locke’s positions on the rights to private belongings are right. I agree with his ideas of the manner belongings rights originated, the restrictions he said were placed on belongings rights, and his ideas of why money was invented. I besides agree with his return on the function belongings rights played after authorities was established. I think that authorities plays a really of import portion in the protection of belongings. Without the Torahs that are made by the authorities there would be many jobs with belongings rights. Peoples still have the right to hold any belongings they want every bit long as they can afford it and every bit long as it is obtained decently. The points that Locke makes in the chapter Of belongings are really of import and pertain to American society today. I feel that he was highly accurate in some of his positions and he is an of import figure in universe history.


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