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Short Essay- Success

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Success is something that we all seek. However, do we really know what it is, and how do we achieve it? Webster’s dictionary tells us that success is a “favorable result,” or secondly, “ the gaining of wealth, fame, etc.” I find it extremely discomforting that the accepted definition of success is directly attributed to “the gaining of wealth or fame.” Does that mean that if I’m rich and famous I will be deemed successful? For me, the word “success” has a much deeper meaning.

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Short Essay- Success
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Success cannot be measured in dollars and cents-but in heart and soul. The true meaning of success can only be defined by the individual.
The society we live in today has a tremendous influence on our definition of success. Our modern culture portrays movie stars, professional athletes, and entrepreneurial tycoons as the epitome of the American success story. They drive fancy cars, wear expensive jewelry, live in mansions, and have money to burn. By implication, they are successful.

If this is true, then why are so many of these supposedly successful people going to jail, committing suicide, becoming drug addicts, and changing their marital status on a monthly basis? Has this version of success made them happy? Our perceived notion of a successful life is a direct result of mainstream media.
We have been taught to believe that fame and fortune are equal to success and happiness, and that money makes the world go round. Money can make life easier and provide us with things to make our life more comfortable. Money does not, on the other hand, make life better. It can buy you a large house, but it will not help you live a larger life. Money will not assist you in forming a life-long relationship with a husband, wife, son, or daughter. All the money in the world will not afford you this form of success. This version of success comes only through commitment, patience, unconditional love, and sacrifice. In our pursuit of monetary success we have become blinded to the small,.

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