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Success Guidance Essay

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“The first step toward success is taken when you refuse to be a captive of the environment in which you first find yourself” (Mark Caine). This quote inspires me to be successful in life because anyone can be successful if they stick to something they love, and actually pursue their dreams. College is the time students are trying to find themselves so they can find a career they want to pursue. Other keys to being successful are being organized, planning ahead, and working habits.

In order for my success failure is not an option, and with that being said I know I will be successful.

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Success Guidance
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Being organized definitely leads to a successful life because when your organized your on top of things. You’ll be able to remember more as you plan out our days ahead of you. For example, when your in college professors don’t necessarily remind you when work is due, and because of that I hung a white board calendar in my room with all my upcoming assignments and their due dates.

I also am very organized with many other things in my life like my closet, my bedroom, my school work, any much more. Organization is key to having a less stressful life because you are more aware of things and not constantly thinking about what you have to find or what you have to do.

Planning ahead is extremely important and rewarding. When you start a project or a paper ahead of time your more likable to get a better grade then when you procrastinate. Waiting the last minute never works out well, because you don’t have enough time to improve performance or develop thoughts that could potentially enhance your paper. For example, in high school I waited until the night before the due date to do my first research paper, and lets just say the results were no sleeping and a very poor grade. Ever since then, I’ve always made sure I had enough time to plan ahead so I’m not stressing out the night before. Planning ahead leads to success because of the results you will receive.

In order to be successful you must be a hard worker. Giving all you can give in the workplace will show your boss that you are dedicated, and that your a hard worker. I know I am a hard worker because I hate to let people down. For example, I am a waitress at a restaurant and I work for tips. I need to please a customers every need in order to get above a fifteen percent tip. When it gets really busy it can be stressful because not only am I a waitress at work, I also am my own hostess and bus boy. Therefore I am constantly on the phone, taking orders, and cleaning up. Even though work can get really busy, I always need to make sure that the customers are enjoy themselves, and are pleased with the service. Working hard pays off because I work for my performance and I usually get over twenty percent tips.

Organization, planning ahead, and working hard is what makes success possible. I know I can make success possible in my future because I am already a hard worker at a young age. When I start to pursue my dreams I know I can be outstanding at it, and my main goal is to be happy. Money cannot buy happiness, and that’s why I will pursue something that makes me happy before I look at the yearly salary. Success doesn’t mean your rich, it means your passionate for what you do.

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