Should Celebrities Be Role Models

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The news of Reese Witherspoon’s apprehension in Atlanta, Georgia, known as the peach city, became public knowledge. She is a well-liked actress who played a leading role in the movie “Legally Blonde.” Throughout her time in Hollywood, she had always maintained a favorable image until that fateful evening when she boldly uttered the phrase “Do you know who I am?” While this line is often heard in films, this incident took place in real life. The topic up for discussion will be whether celebrities or professional athletes should be seen as examples to follow.

It is not advised to view individuals as role models because they often face legal issues soon after gaining admiration. Kobe Bryant, who is highly respected by aspiring basketball players, exemplifies this pattern. Despite being idolized by many, he was arrested in 2003 for sexual battery, which damaged his reputation as a professional athlete.

Young Lindsey Lohan, known for her role in “Freaky Friday” and guest appearance in the comedy “Two and a Half Men”, cannot be ignored. Despite some friends not seeing her as troublesome, she undeniably was. Lindsey Lohan experienced arrests for theft, driving under the influence (DUI), and drug abuse. Luckily, she has recently sought rehabilitation to change herself. These incidents demonstrate why it is imprudent to view MOST celebrities as positive influences. However, it is important to note that I am not implying all celebrities serve as bad examples.

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