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Why Do Celebrities Make Bad Role Models? Sample

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The truth is that we are obsessed with famous persons. Everywhere you go. famous persons are being advertised. When your boy or girl hears a new vocalist or sees a new histrion on their favorite t. V show. they want to be merely like them. Sometimes that is non a good thing. You think to yourself why do people look up to those famous persons? Well it seems to me most famous persons get into these wonts because they are excessively involved in celebrity and luck.

These people aren’t the 1s you would desire your kids looking up to.

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Why Do Celebrities Make Bad Role Models? Sample
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The immature male child you one time saw singing love vocals is now making drugs. Soon your kid will follow the same way. Even if you don’t allow your kid ticker shows like MTV. they hear about the chitchat everyplace. You can’t avoid it. Most famous persons don’t know what they are making in their life because they have a difficult clip stating world from phantasy.

Most parents want their kid to really go something in life and by watching how famous persons do things. their kids won’t acquire anyplace.

Most magazines have images of airbrushed famous persons and when adolescents look at these they start believing that looking like famous persons is the lone manner to be popular and loved. Alternatively of seting exposure shopped images in magazines they should set the existent exposure unedited. Then adolescents will recognize that people will wish them without them looking like famous persons. When girls expression at people like Selena Gomez and Taylor Swift. they see ace scraggy misss that have the perfect organic structure. Then they start to believe thin peers gorgeous and healthy peers fat and ugly. Since teenage misss are obsessed with the manner they look and feel as though if they’re non caked in make-up. they’re disgusting and horrid. This is highly unjust to these teenage misss because they do non understand how much airbrushing and exposure shopping was done to the and how many hours go in seeking to do them look perfect. Today. an estimated 8 million Americans suffer from eating upsets. and the chief ground for this. is due to the manner famous persons are presented to us.

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