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Celebrities Are Positive Role Models

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    Celebrities are positive role models – Pro In all societies, the renowned and influential people become role models for the younger generation. Today, our role models have become the people featured on television and the Internet – athletes, actors and actresses, and singers. However, which role models have the most positive impact? In many ways, actors and actresses, and singers are the most positive role models in our society today. Actors and actresses possess many admirable qualities that make them excellent role models. First, to become a successful actor or actress requires dedication.

    Most actors and actresses start out as unknowns. They often spend years working with little or no pay to pursue their dreams. Actors show perseverance in never giving up even when faced with failure. They must also suffer through the highs and lows of the acting world. People can become stars overnight, then fall into obscurity. This quality of dedication is admirable quality in role models. In addition, actors and actresses must work to develop their talent. Even the most beautiful or handsome person cannot become a good actor or actress overnight.

    Actors and actresses must spend years fine-tuning their acting skills to express a range of emotions honestly and accurately. In the end, they become talented individuals through this intensive effort. Good role models are those that continually improve their abilities. Actors and actresses fall into this category. Now let’s look at singers. Singers also make positive role models because they show the same qualities as actors and actresses. On top of those qualities, however, they are positive role models because they express themselves in an artistic way in front of real people.

    It takes courage to perform in front of a crowd. By bravely wearing their hearts on their sleeves, they give the world the gift of their beautiful voices. While actors and actresses rarely perform live, singers must connect with a real audience. This bravery makes them excellent role models. Actors and actresses, and singers are usually noted for their persona and ability to entertain. But they also possess the inner drive and ability to succeed. By using their gifts and working tirelessly, they are a positive force and make excellent role models for everyone.

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    How are celebrities a positive influence?
    Celebrities can have a positive effect in teenagers' lives when they promote education and cultural awareness. Celebrities who complete college coursework, have an interest in politics, write books, study literature, travel abroad or engage in debates showcase their intellectual skills.
    Why should celebrities be positive role models?
    They can also be a good example, influencing young adults in the following ways: Promoting dedication to hard work. Modeling how to positively handle situations when they make mistakes. Talking openly about mental health issues.

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