Should Drugs Be Legalized? Essay

Should drugs be legalized? - Should Drugs Be Legalized? Essay introduction?? There always have been debates about legalization of drugs. It’s a very controversial topic because there are money, government and people’s health involved. Everyone attempt to find a new way of dealing with non-ending war. There are two camps: people who see benefits in legalization and people who think that drugs corrupt person as mentally and physically. I will give some advantages that, in my opinion, can persuade my reader to be for the legalization for “soft drugs” at least. First of all, we are all humans. We all live our own life.

We have the right to do whatever we want until we outrage someone’s right. Your government should not be in front of the right to intervene in your life, but only your family. Also, as we all know, when something is prohibited, people are more likely to have interest in it (Reverse psychology) Secondly, drug addiction is a disease, and as any disease it needs to be treated. Lets imagine that insulin is banned. All diabetics will try to get it at any price; therefore there will be a big demand. As we all know: if there is a demand – there is a market.

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In a very short period of time there’s going to be a distribution and a lot of consumers. Thirdly, there are a lot of financial issues with drugs. Countries spend millions on struggle against drugs. All these millions can be saved and used on something more beneficial like prevention or even education and healthcare. Fourthly, legalization helps reducing drug-related crimes – you no longer need to commit a crime to get yourself a dose. In the fifth place, the choice of drug will tend to reduce the harm to health, with the same feelings.

There should be pharmacy that will be able to develop new drugs that should significantly reduce the total harm to the drug, and may eventually allow pharmacologists to replace highly hazardous to the health of less lethal drug analogues with similar effects that all the addict crave for. It is logical that legalization of “soft drugs” should change the law on “hard drugs” such as cocaine, heroin, etc. Unlike the legalization of “soft drugs” handling “hard drugs” should only be liberalized.

This means that a drug such as heroin should be controlled by the distribution centers, to ensure that drug users had the opportunity to use drugs, and have a free medical supervision or at low price. With this comes a significant decline in death rate due to drug use (often due to careless use of chemically contaminated drug overdose or due to high concentration of drugs), criminal offenses (low prices), as well as reducing the likelihood of disease AIDS and Hepatitis C (sterile syringes). As mentioned above, there are people who are against of course. They have forcible arguments too.

For example, say contend that the growth of availability leads to increased consumption. That’s might be true, but we are all individuals and have to have our own vision of how we should live our lives. You decide whether you want try that or those drug or not. Then they say that all addicts will still need money to buy drugs that have become legal and therefore will increase crime, and the police will work more. As I said before, with the price of drugs should decrease expressively so there is no need to commit a crime. There is a statement that says that there is no reason to consider legalization as a more effective policy.

We have to change the existing law to make it more liberal drug users, and more severe for distributors. But there is still be a low, which has punishments for the addicts. So this is not a way out of the situation. Community argues whether cannabis is less harmful than alcohol and tobacco. Well, we all know that alcohol and tobacco with caffeine are the biggest legal drugs. So why not ban them first? No one would do that, because there is big money involved and we have been addicted to these drugs for a long time now. Some say that that drugs are characterized not by the quality, but the difference in levels of toxicity.

Therefore cleaner drugs will be more expensive and most addicts prefer the cheaper drugs. This can be solved with free doses of any drug that are checked with national health services for their purity. As we see, there are a lot of advantages in the legalization of drugs. Many of them need big amounts of money to be involved and work to be done. I strongly believe that legalization can bring our social safeness to another level. We need to remember that everyone lives his own life and a right to decide whether he wants to do drugs nr not.

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