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Silas Jones, Crooked Letter Crooked Letter

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Silas Jones was a immature black male child in times that there was still segregation between colored and Whites. He was forced to run into immature Larry Ott when his female parent and Larry’s Father tried to get down driving to school together.

Then when Mrs. Ott stops that interaction. and the male childs are told non to see each other once more. they start playing in the forests once more.

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Silas Jones, Crooked Letter Crooked Letter
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Subsequently when they get older. They no longer talk to each other and Larry is the unusual book worm and Silas is a star baseball participant.

Silas was in secret dating a white miss. Cindy Walker.

and because her pa wasn’t traveling to allow her go forth the house entirely to travel see her fellow. She had to convert Larry to take her on a day of the month. Larry thought that the miss of his dreams wanted to day of the month him.But every bit shortly as she got in the auto.

She merely told him to take her to the forests to see her fellow. Non stating him who that was. He came back to the agreed upon topographic point to take her dorsum to her house so her male parent wouldn’t expect anything. but she ne’er showed.

and her organic structure was ne’er found.Then when they grew up. Larry was the creepy adult male that everyone thought killed that miss. and when another miss went losing 25 old ages subsequently.

and everyone assumed it was Larry because of his yesteryear. Then one dark he was shot in the thorax by a adult male subsequently to hold found out to be person he had grown near to. When he was in the infirmary recovering. Silas told him that he found out that they were stepbrothers through their male parent.

and that he dated Cindy Walker. and Larry was wrongly accused as being that last individual to see her that dark.

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