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Simple Adobe Portfolio Program

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  • Pages 5
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    Interested in working with high quality, user-friendly, website designer? Get ready to get creative and float into a realm filled with beauty. You might be interested in Adobe Portfolio, a program through Adobe that is very simple and features many different unique and beautiful interfaces. If you have a creative mind, nothing is more important than having a beautiful creative portfolio website. Adobe Portfolio is a web-based platform that lets your creative side come out, allowing you to create a website the way you want it done. You can present your work onto the website and share it to the public. Getting a professional yet creative website out for anyone within the arts program is highly recommended. You can interact with the creative community online and get feedback from people with the same interest. This can be very useful with promotions and getting your name out to the public. Adobe portfolio isn’t a mobile or computer application; you simply enter the website into a web browser and sign in with your Adobe ID and begin.

    Let us begin with the basics, some of the features that come with the easy and unique website design. Elegant layouts, you can choose from a selection of layouts optimized to show off any of your work. This is built for an attraction towards anyone in the creative field, artist, illustrations, photography, graphic design, fashion, architecture, motion graphics and many more. It is limitless with whatever kind of art you are producing. Flexible custom design, the layouts are the foundation to build your own portfolio the way you want it. You can start with a basic preset and take it apart and dive deep within the editing process of making it the way you intend it to be. Another aspect is the live editing option, with this being active and available you can watch your changes as you make them. Also previewing what you have in mind. Therefore you can try it before you make your final decision in case it isn’t what you planned.

    If you have albums or photos in Lightroom CC you can easily select an album to display. This can be referred to as isolation mode. Another route to go is using pages. Pages are the supreme of the portfolio. You can use them as individual galleries through the photo grid option. The photo grid option allows a more dynamic and responsive page, capable having a large number of work at once. You can add text blurbs or contact boxes, but keep in mind it isn’t smart to run a blog due to weak text-editing. Either way, if you use pages or upload straight from Lightroom itself you should still have an amazing product. A tip that will make your portfolio look more professional and clean is to remove the Adobe branding. When finishing your completed project a footer displaying Adobe branding will be hovering make things very distracting. You can simply toggle this option and have it removed leaving a clean nice site focused on your work. This is why adobe portfolios look so clean and professional.

    If there is something in the way or not looking the way you want it to be you can simply turn the transparency down, toggle different things, or simply remove captions or miscellaneous things in the way. Let us dive deep into the customization options within the Adobe portfolio. While editing your portfolio you can click the gear icon located on the left-hand side, this is where you can configure your site settings. There are many diverse options to check out while in the customization tab, a few being domain names, password protection, account information, site options etc. The domain name tab is where you can change your domain name which is the URL information. For example, it is what goes before “.com” so “” it is an easy way to spread your portfolio and have people view it. The account information tab is all about your account, this is where you can edit your personal information. Emails, phone numbers, password resets, any information that ties in with your Adobe ID which is connected to your portfolio can be edited here. While you are exploring the site options, you have the ability to disable right-click saving on anything you upload. This can be extremely useful and act as a small anti-copying measure.

    Now no one can take or “steal” the hard work you have created and claim it as theirs. Password protection is also available in case of hacking incidents, the last thing you would want is someone stealing your work. Some photographers shoot on different camera settings. Depending on whether they get the appropriate shot determines how much editing goes into place. If you spend time on the shot and have the right settings for your camera your edit time will go down. Even if the shots are the way you want them Lightroom is an amazing application to use. Most professional photographers use this source and it really changes the game! If you are just now starting photography or have been doing it for years you have most likely heard Adobe Lightroom CC. This is another Adobe product and a great photo editor. If you have purchased adobe lightroom all you have to do is visit the Adobe portfolio website and log in using your Adobe ID.

    Touching on lightroom; Lightroom is another Adobe product. A lot of famous and well-paying photographers use this program. Lightroom does unbelievable works, you can take a very dull image and turn it into what looks like a brand new photo. You can edit anywhere with Lightroom, if you have a smartphone, tablet, or computer it is available for use. Lightroom CC is very simple to use, taking sliders and adjusting them the way you would like, making an image you captured and turning it into the masterpiece you want. Lightroom also has a smart organization which uses machine learning to recognize certain features or faces and keep certain pictures together. There is worry-free storage that allows you to access your entire library with full-resolution photos anytime and anywhere. You can easily share your photos with anyone whether it is family, clients, or friends. This ties in with adobe portfolio, you can send them directly to your portfolio from Lightroom on your computer.

    All of this is included within your Creative Cloud membership. You can purchase Lightroom CC with a creative cloud plan starting at $9.99 a month. This includes the main application (Lightroom) with storage and anywhere anytime editing, this also comes with any work backed up to the cloud so it is safer in case your computer, phone, or tablet crashes. By purchasing an Adobe product you will now have an Adobe ID. Now you can go to the portfolio website, sign in with your Adobe ID and get started on a creative, artistic, and unique web page. If you are interested in getting your name out to the public and love anything in arts, adobe portfolio is for you. It is not expensive, very high quality, convenient for many purposes, and very easy to work. Adobe portfolio can become a powerful and easy to maintain the site for photographers of all levels. Highly recommended and used by many all around the world.

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