Simulation techniques and visualization


Virtual world, simulation techniques and visual image have all become possible due to the power of computing machines and cyberspace, engineering of picture cyclosis. Video streaming in general is the cyclosis of picture utilizing cyberspace. I am traveling to discourse importance and application of picture streaming in surgical preparation in medical organisations.

Training in surgical field can be advanced and enhanced with the aid of picture cyclosis, for illustration, practical surgery. Simulation of existent surgery is practical surgery. Harmonizing to Orthopaedic Consultant, Dr. Sulaiman, practical surgery can be used for preparation, every bit good as a stepping rock towards distant surgeries, which are performed by utilizing robotic custodies and machines. Torbay Hospital is the first infirmary in the UK to use practical world in the surgical preparation. In add-on to practical surgery, video streaming can besides be used for airing unrecorded operations, audience with sawboness and professionals and video-conferencing. First broadcast medium of a unrecorded surgery was performed in 1998, which was shown to the sawboness, occupants, patients and media. Virtual surgical preparation web ( VSTN ) is a new platform for video-conferencing and on-line surgical preparation which has linked many infirmaries and medical patterns through a web. More research and work is being done for the development of practical surgery.

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The engineering of picture cyclosis has more benefits and advantages for medical sector than hazard factors. Surgical occupants experience more confident in operating after developing with practical simulators. Virtual simulators provide 3 dimensional position of the surgical country, streamed through the waiters to the users ‘ terminus, and utilizing practical proficient tools, sawboness can run in a existent mode. Information engineering, through picture cyclosis has provided a radical engineering of practical surgery to the medical profession in footings of preparation, instruction and supplying a platform for computer-aided surgeries.


Internet revolution like web 2.0 has changed and advanced assorted sectors and organisations ( Shuen 2008 ) . I have chosen ‘Surgical Training ‘ as my field of treatment for picture cyclosis. Traditionally talking Surgical Training is the preparation in which a occupant sawbones is trained under the counsel of an experient sawbones ( Gurusamy, Aggarwal, et Al. 2009 ) . Video Streaming, which is the life of a picture cartridge holders and transmittal in digital format to be viewed in a existent clip method, has changed and advanced this construct of surgical preparation. Applications of picture streaming in surgical preparation are extremely appreciated in medical organisations and can be characterized as ; practical surgery through practical simulators, live broadcast medium or recorded presentations of surgical processs and video-conferencing ( Sulaiman 2009 ) .

National Health Service ‘NHS ‘ is the name of one of the largest and efficient medical organisations of the universe. In a treatment with Dr. Sulaiman, who is the Orthopaedic Consultant in West Midlands, some positive impacts of picture streaming in surgical preparation were outlined. NHS and other medical organisations all over the universe greatly benefit from the unrecorded broadcast medium of surgeries. Surgeons and pupils can be trained with practical simulators and guided through picture conferencing minimising the hazard of infection and cost of developing a sawbones to learn them. These unrecorded broadcast mediums besides help patients understand the surgical processs and supply direct audience with the doctors and professionals ( Sulaiman 2009 ) . Online medical preparation offer medical schools, infirmaries and operation theatres a web for the development of surgical preparation and conferencing. Surgical images, operations and slides can be easy shared through either unrecorded or on demand cyclosis ( Nephew 2006 ) .

Torbay Hospital, located in Torquay, was one of the first infirmaries in the UK which implemented practical simulator for the preparation and development of ear and rhinal fistula surgery ( Torbay 2009 ) . Real simulation of surgical field is called Virtual Surgery. In Virtual surgeries, existent surgical country is made seeable on the proctors in order to supply accurate visual image through “ High-quality digital picture imaging systems ” ( Robert 2001 ) . There is a preparation tool called ProMIS which is used in Virtual surgery ( admin 2008 ) . Virtual World simulators are designed to supply 3D position of the human anatomy from every angle, which is streamed from the waiters to the client ‘s terminuss and advanced proficient tools allow resident sawboness to analyze each organ by really cutting through assorted tissue beds and musculuss. Surgeons and occupants can be trained good in progress as they can pattern on practical patients for multiple times utilizing practical surgical techniques ( Sulaiman 2009 ) . Figure 1 shows how to pattern a bosom graft surgery virtually.

Video cyclosis is besides applied in surgical preparation for the intent of treatments and meetings with pupils and advisers by entering the surgical images for transmittal via secure cyberspace connexion ( Rafiq, Moore, et Al. 2004 ) .

Literature Review

“ Web 2.0 is the concern revolution in the computing machine industry caused by the move to the cyberspace as platform, and an effort to understand the regulations for success on that new platform ” ( Shuen 2008 ) .

A conference was launched in 2004, which became the beginning of the construct of ‘Web 2.0 ‘ . O’Reilly Media, John Battelle, and CMP were the 1s to originate this construct in the conference, which was later, renamed the Web 2.0 Summit ( Shuen 2008 ) .

One of the immensely used applications of Web 2.0 is Streaming. Streaming is one of the latest and normally used cyberspace engineerings. Video Streaming is the life of a picture cartridge holder which is sent via cyberspace in little informations packages in digital format to be viewed by the terminal users in a existent clip mode ( ) . Video cyclosis is immensely used within organisations and its application has provided effectivity, integrating and promotion in footings of communicating, publicity, advertizement, job solution and flawlessness. Organization and sectors such as Universities, Medical organisations, Charity and Consumer industries are tremendously utilizing this new engineering by making and pass oning with their audiences both internally and externally for sharing information.

There are two chief methods of picture cyclosis.

Live Streaming– utilizing streaming waiters

Astreaming videoserver, besides known as “ true cyclosis ” , is a specialised application which is hosted on web waiter. Some outstanding advantages include ; managing big traffic tonss, observing users ‘ connexion velocity and airing unrecorded events and processs ( ) .

Few illustrations of Live Streaming are as follows.

Surveillance and Monitoring

Automated picture surveillance is the engineering used immensely in commercial sectors. Surveillance cameras play of import functions supplying security with 24 hours supervising. These picture end products are recorded on the media and stored in picture archives for the intent of safety and security, chiefly assisting to forestall offenses ( Collins, Lipton, et Al. 2000 ) .


Application of picture streaming in surgery is the modern engineering which has opened new Windowss to the medical profession. Video cyclosis is applied for preparation, instruction and executing unrecorded surgeries every bit good as for meetings and seminars. In practical surgeries, which are immensely used for preparation, existent surgical country is made seeable on the proctors in order to supply accurate visual image through “ High-quality digital picture imaging systems ” ( Rafiq, Moore, et Al. 2004 ) . “ Information engineering has become a critical constituent of initial and go oning medical instruction ( CME ) every bit good as day-to-day sawboness ‘ pattern ” ( Vucetic 2005 ) .

Video Conferencing

Video conference is most normally used in places every bit good as in concerns. Peoples normally and immensely use MSN courier, Skype, etc to chew the fat and interact with their friends and relatives populating on the other side of the universe. And in commercial sectors, companies conduct their meetings with their subdivisions across the universe utilizing video conferencing.

Distance Learning

Distance acquisition uses video streaming in order to air talks and tutorials through computing machines. With the aid of some proficient demands and internet connexions, pupils can take part in classs ‘ talks from anyplace in the universe ( Casiello 2009 ) .

Http streaming – downloading stored pictures

Http picture cyclosis is a relatively inexpensive manner of streaming videos via cyberspace. This uses a individual host waiter which allows users to download picture files that can be made viewable on the client ‘s picture participant package ( ) .

Few illustrations are as follows.


An accurate and a common illustration of a public video-sharing web site would be You Tube. You Tube supply all clip amusement to people all over the universe, where they can see and bask observation and sharing different sorts of pictures, advancing amusement and socialisation.

Web-based Training

Training provided via web is termed as Web-based preparation ( WBT ) ; it is delivered over the Internet ‘s World Wide Web. It is a modern engineering and is more convenient and advantageous as compared to the preparation provided through computing machines or teachers ( Khan 2001 ) . Most organisations consider WBT as more flexible and time-saving in footings of public presentation and engineering.

Video on demand


Netflix is a rental service for leasing films online. Netflix is an on-line film rental service, including 10,000 film rubrics with around 10 million endorsers ( Gatos 2008 ) . Along with your monthly subscription, they besides provide you the installation to stream either high or low quality pictures online. Subscriptions are paid monthly, which include film rental and limitless hours of picture cyclosis.

Internet Protocol TV ( IPTV )

Television services that are internet-based are offering programmes, films and pictures on demand all over the UK via cyberspace utilizing Broadband. These internet-based services are available to see on both PC and Television.

Case Description

Video Streaming in Surgical Training

Briefly, I have already mentioned the importance and benefits of application of picture streaming in surgery ; here I am traveling to discourse in item the applications of picture streaming in surgical preparation. I discussed picture cyclosis in surgical sector with Dr. Khalid Sulaiman, who is an Orthopedic Consultant in West Midlands. He said that it can be applied in figure of ways, for illustration in practical surgery, telesurgery and laparoscopic surgery every bit good as video-conferencing and presentations ( Sulaiman 2009 ) .

NHS, the largest wellness services of the universe immensely applies picture streaming for preparation and development. Research carried out by the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence to measure the importance of practical world preparation, concluded that “ Virtual world preparation can supplement standard surgical preparation ” ( Gurusamy, Aggarwal, et Al. 2009 ) . Virtual surgery is the modern engineering through which sawboness can be trained without really runing on a patient. “ By inputting informations from computerized imaging ( CT ) and magnetic resonance imagination ( MRI ) scans the patient can be replicated in the practical environment ” ( Kumar 2009 ) . Surgeons with the aid of this engineering can larn to run on patients without even touching the existent portion with the aid of 3D artworks displayed on the proctors. Such high quality digital visual image engineering can be applied to all sorts of surgeries, including neurosurgery, orthopedic and open-heart surgery. Training is provided based on image informations through a simulation system. As shown in Figure 2, the image information is displayed on the proctors, for the intent of practical simulation, when the user can entree and interact with the informations utilizing input devices that include ; 3D mouse, 7D control sticks, full size simulator, etc ( Robert 2001 ) . Application of the practical simulator in surgery may be applied to preparation, instruction, every bit good as to practise once more and once more for laparoscopic or remote surgeries ( Sulaiman 2009 ) .

There is a preparation tool called ProMIS which is used in Virtual surgery, this tool is efficient in tracking the motions of sawboness and making a 3D position of the patient ‘s organic structure ( Nephew 2006 ) , as shown in Figure 3. Torbay Hospital, located in Torquay, is the first infirmary in the UK to use practical world in surgical preparation. They have implanted a practical simulator in ENT surgical unit, which uses boring techniques every bit good as imaging informations exposing true simulation of ears ‘ bone constructions. This simulator helps sawboness and pupils rehearse for the surgeries by supplying the practical theoretical account of the patients ‘ ear ( Torbay 2009 ) . All sorts of surgeries such as encephalon surgery or oculus surgery require preciseness and pin-point item, every bit good as assurance and accurate motion of custodies, which can be readily attained by preparation and practicing ( Versweyveld 1999 ) .

Harmonizing to an article in the Virtual Medical Worlds, the first Virtual Operating Room was created in August, 1998, when an synergistic unfastened bosom surgery was performed at the Providence Seattle Medical Centre, USA via cyberspace broadcast medium. This broadcast medium was carried out efficaciously by picture streaming utilizing high velocity cyberspace connexion utilizing Real Player stopper as package, a Computer ( CPU ) and a web browser. This picture cyclosis was successfully conducted without any particular hardware or package or orbiter download nexus. The audiences included ; patients, sawboness, wellness attention suppliers, etc ( Versweyveld 1999 ) .

VIRTUAL SURGICAL Training NETWORK ( VSTN ) is the new integrated platform which has emerged due to the partnership of Smith and Nephew, S.C.M and Aethra for the intent of Web Streaming and multi-videoconferencing. The chief purpose of this engineering is to supply on-line medical preparation with preciseness and publicity. Due to this undertaking medical schools, operations theaters in infirmaries all over the universe are offered “ a web capable of developing and advancing advanced surgical preparation and scientific coverage “ ( Nephew 2006 ) . This sort of accomplishment promotes practical meetings and preparation in audience with other sawboness, who are really non present in the room, as shown in Figure 4. The operating suites are connected with high velocity connexions through multi-videoconferencing, supplying complete interaction. Due to this platform contents like surgical operations, slides and movies are shared with the aid of picture streaming through Personal computer connexion ( Nephew 2006 ) .

Research was carried out in Banner Good Samaritan Medical Center in Phoenix, Arizona, by Kanav Kahol and Marshall Smith, when some surgical occupants were noted to be executing better at surgeries after they had played Nintendo Wii games. It was concluded by the research squad that the public presentation by the occupants who performed surgery after playing Wii games was 48 % better than the 1s who did n’t. These consequences have modernized farther finds as the squad is now believing of planing a package for practical surgery utilizing the console ‘s fresh “ Wiimote ” control system found in Wii ( admin 2008 ) .

Evaluation within instance

Based on my research, I can sketch some of the advantages and disadvantages of Video Streaming in surgical preparation every bit good as few hazard factors to the stakeholders.


Some of the possible advantages of using picture cyclosis in surgical preparation are as follows ;

  • Video-conferencing amongst sawboness and unrecorded demos and presentations are possible because of picture cyclosis ( Sulaiman 2009 ) .
  • It provides interaction between adult male and machine.
  • It can assist forestall medical mistake every bit good as provide preciseness and assurance.
  • Students can execute at easiness larning from their errors without put on the lining any patient ‘s or animate being ‘s life, enabling them to execute surgery countless times.
  • Surgical pupils, scientists and sawboness can see a sawbones executing unrecorded surgery without the hazard of infection by being outside the OT or can larn from an emended recording of old processs ( Versweyveld 1999 ) .
  • Computer backups can be prepared for future audience and appraisals.
  • Distance acquisition has provided the convenience of remaining in infirmary or at place, therefore cut downing the fuss of transit ( Sulaiman 2009 ) .
  • This engineering has helped salvage the cost and clip of developing a sawbones and the cost of forming seminars and conferences has reduced ( Versweyveld 1999 ) .
  • Virtual world based preparation can be transferred to the existent accomplishment of executing unrecorded surgeries every bit good as computer-aided and laparoscopic surgeries ( Sulaiman 2009 ) .


Video streaming in surgical preparation has proved several benefits in the medical field ; nevertheless some factors are presently curtailing its advancement and acceptableness, in footings of practical surgery.

  • Virtual world simulators can be dearly-won.
  • Acceptability of practical simulators depends upon human-computer interface, people can happen it hard to accommodate and direct interaction with the machine can be confounding ( Gorman, Meier, et Al. 1999 ) .
  • Problems might be created due to clip holds of users ‘ motions to the simulator ‘s response, ensuing in stimulation illness, like sickness, freak out or asthenopia ( Gorman, Meier, et Al. 1999 ) .

Benefits and Risk Factors to the Stakeholders

Substituting traditional surgical preparation by salvaging the cost and clip of developing a sawbones and supplying preciseness in preparation every bit good is one of the major benefits of practical surgery to medical organisations. Diana Phillips Mahoney, main engineering editor of Computer Graphics World highlighted in an article some of the proficient jobs that still need to be solved in order to do practical surgical developing a success. One of the issues harmonizing to her is the job with support as most financess are utilized for researching than for preparation and instruction. She besides added that practical preparation could be clip devouring for busy surgical occupants and even for sawboness. Another one of the basic issue is to do simulation and 3D consequence more realistic in footings of touching and experiencing the surgical country, because harmonizing to her the imagination information does look realistic but does non experience realistic to flawlessness ( Mahoney 1999 ) . This job of deficiency of tangible world is being researched and the solution could be micro-engineering engineering ( Doyle 2002 ) .


Video Streaming in surgical preparation is a cardinal engineering in medical sector. When we consider applications of surgical preparation and benefits that it brings to people, we can state that the advancement in any facet is indispensable because it is connected to people contending for their lives. A well-trained sawbones would surely convey more success in the field of surgery. Video streaming provides sawboness and patients a platform for geting more cognition in more advanced and effectual ways by agencies of video-conferencing, distant analysis and diagnosing, developing utilizing practical simulators and unrecorded presentation.

Virtual world simulators play of import function in preparation and practising on practical patients utilizing 3D engineering without put on the lining the life of a existent patient. Residents and sawboness can get flawlessness with assurance re-doing any figure of times as required. Such engineering could be expensive and clip consuming but has more advantages than disadvantages. It can be applied to developing for executing telesurgeries or computer-aided surgeries

Through video cyclosis of unrecorded surgeries, sawboness and pupils can easy discourse and notice without being physically present in the OT, leting zero hazard factor of infection to both patients and themselves. Additionally, distant acquisition is promoted minimising the fuss of transit and salvaging cost every bit good. Importance of video-conferencing amongst sawboness and occupants is good recognized. Peoples can interact from their places and infirmaries by discoursing and confer withing on legion subjects and surgical processs. Furthermore, sawboness can interact with the patients to clear up surgical processs or diagnosing.

More research is presently in advancement for the development and promotion of Virtual preparation in surgery. Training and cognition gained with the aid of conferencing and confer withing with sawboness through unrecorded cyclosis, watching unrecorded surgeries and larning to run utilizing practical simulators have given the medical professionals a measure in front towards a comfortable hereafter.


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