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Errors in medical intervention happen to over four hundred Americans every year and they can prevented; these preventable errors are one of the major causes of death in the United States each year. It fluctuates with the invent of new and improved medical simulations or medical treatment. The two major causes of death in the United States are cardiovascular diseases and cancer. The main reason for these high numbers is education and poor preparation for the treatment of such disease processes. Better educational preparation is needed to help to better the chances for survival of these types of disease processes. This is where medical simulation comes into play it may be one of the greatest tools that can be used to prepare new and old doctors, nurses and students to deliver the best medical intervention they can to patients. In this paper I am going to try to bring to light just one of the changes and technology that can help these medical professionals better themselves with the help of medical simulation. (Jones)-

Things change in medical education daily with the invent of new tests and procedures and ways to implement them. The main reason for these changes is patient safety which means involving cases of medical malpractice and medical injuries that happen all over the world. These reasons make it important to make medical education keep up to date to what is needed for the best medical personal out there. The way you educate new medical personal is through medical simulation. With medical simulation you can train doctors, nurses, hospitals and other medical technicians. Training on medical simulators has been shown to improve these medical professional’s ability to take care of and treat patients without the fear of hurting patients. This makes it more comfortable for the health care provider. With this you can improve the safety of patients and keep the costs of medical malpractice down. Simulation just takes away the fear that we naturally have, to hurting people. We need medical simulation implemented in every hospital and school to help with all training. Remember being hands on is very important, the use of medical simulators is going to provide the safest way for us to treat patients while not making the mistakes of being with the live patient. In simulation we don’t put any of our patients at risk. We only train them in an environment that puts the student from whatever field at ease. (Kanekin)

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Simulation means the use of anything that can represent reality, this means that we use mechanical human bodies to simulate a real human being. We use them to simulate anything from a fever to a stroke. You can perform the placing of a tracheostomy and the placement of a catheter. There is not much you cannot due to adequately train and prepare yourself for a medical profession. The mannequins can breathe, have a heartbeat, talk, blink and even have pupil dilation. You have to ask yourself how this is changing how can they improve what simulation has already accomplished. First advances in computer technology have improved the ability for radiological procedures to be done. Now with this improvement they have found ways to improve medical simulation through virtual reality. This means that we can put on a virtual reality helmet and perform medical procedures without even touching a simulation mannequin. This has been being done since around 2015 were the students at Touro University System’s osteopathic-medicine college in New York have been using 3 D glasses to perform medical dissection of cadavers. It has shown with using this very realistic approach to medical simulation that the student’s grades improved with the using of this medical simulation device. It has now even begun to be used at Baylor university were student’s grades have also improved with these simulation devices. With the invent of these 3 D virtual simulators we could see them implemented in the classroom room were a teacher could teach virtually to improve the learning of the student. These upgrades in simulation training are happening daily. (ITN)

We need these improvements to continue happening in medical simulation research. Remember we are only human we are going to make mistakes, but we need to make improvements all the time in patient safety and how we treat them medically. We need to first give the best care we can and show the patient that we are well trained and can take care of them. It really helps us to learn from the mistakes we make. With simulation we can train and improve the quality of care in an atmosphere of controlled involvement that will assist in learning. It can also help to control putting inexperienced trainees with patients. Simulation can help us in teamwork, communicating and training for leadership responsibilities. This will make the most reliable team possible for any medical facility. Remember simulation training is the best way to help with a path of education that can train the best medical personal. We owe it to our patients to provide them with the best ethical care. We can only do that with the best training.

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