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Issue of Social Groups in Society

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There are various social groups in our school and town. They form into different types of groups. Some of these are grouped by racial background, athletic abilities, hobbies, and intelligence. Usually racial groups, people of the same race stay together. There are a mediocre amount of athletic ability groups. Most of them are from schools and are “organized” gangs. They usually play games or some type of sport together. People who have the same hobbies frequently stay together and do what they all enjoy.

Generally, these groups do not commit crimes. Groups grouped by intelligence are usually come from school. People with the same amount of intelligence stay together.

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Issue of Social Groups in Society
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People in these different groups interact most of time within there own groups. Usually groups that do not commit crime usually play games, sports or help each other. Sometimes there are fights within the group.

Fights are not frequent among members of different groups although they can happen. The fights include physical and verbal fights.

The most common are verbal fights. Rarely do physical fights occur between gangs and groups in our community. Most organized gangs use verbal fights or a game to determine who is better. After a long and tiring fight, many changes can occur to the members of the gang. Personality and feelings can be changed greatly. Members of the group could have once been enemies to another but then they might feel pity for those they have beaten.

We humans are born to socialize. It is very important to be in a social group. People in the social groups are friends and it is very important to have friends. A good social group can make you have a good reputation. In addition, the school or town can be famous for it too. Members usually join willingly most of the time if the group is good. However, sometimes members are forced to join. People make other people join by threatening or offering them.

Most of the groups in our town or school are not dangerous. Some gangs that like to commit crimes are also in this neighborhood. They are not commonly found. The majority are organized gangs from our neighborhoods who are no more then friends. Some are helpful and others are not. Mostly all of them just enjoy talking to each other and playing games together. Some groups like to help there their teachers or friends. Those gangs can be considered helpful. Everyone is always part of a social group good or bad. Afterall, no man can be an island.

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