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Social Structure Theory Sample

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In this paper I will turn to and discourse societal construction theory. I have chosen the “Pelican Bay State Prison: War Zone” picture. I will discourse how the picture supports societal construction theory. the primary topic or content of the picture. and the societal issues raised in the picture. I shall besides turn to the major rules of sociological theory addressed in the picture and some possible branchings for societal policy alteration. Social Structure Theory Explained

Social construction theories imply that society.

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Social Structure Theory Sample
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fundss. and societal agreements are the primary cause for condemnable behaviour. It suggests that a persons’ opportunity of going a felon is influenced by their topographic point in the socioeconomic construction. In other words hapless or low income people are more likely to acquire involved in condemnable behaviour. The societal construction theory was developed by theoretician who studied the lives of felons and where they came from. As they studied the lives of felons they discovered that there was an evident nexus to how juveniles became felons.

The topic that stood out the most was the thought that condemnable behaviour was more likely for those who did non finish school. They found that when an person finished school their opportunities of condemnable behaviour diminished more and more. How Did the Video Support Social Structure Theory

In the picture that I have viewed. “Pelican Bay State Prison: War Zone” . there was a batch of information that supported offense germinating from a societal construction theory. The captives that are in Pelican Bay State Prison set a end to acquire into this prison because it is more like a wages more than a penalty for them. Once sent there they can have on it as a badge of award. Pelican Bay is a prison for merely the meanest and toughest of captives. largely gang leaders and such. These pack leaders still run the packs while they are in prison and are fearless. They come from the lone household that they have of all time known and would give their life for the pack. Most captive. pack leaders are merely educated in the streets and nowhere else.

In the picture they talk about how Pelican Bay State Prison is known for the 1000s upon 1000s of pack leaders that set a end to stop up at that place for more acknowledgment. The captives that end up in Pelican Bay go in strong and hardcore. and when they come out they are non weaker but stronger and more dedicated than of all time to be the pack leader that they are. The pack is non lost without their leader right beside them because they know they will be maintaining in touch with the leader on a regular footing. It is a life that is wanted by these pack leaders and members that will lift to the top of the pack. Primary Subject of the Video

The primary topic that is discussed in the picture is how the packs are ran from these pack leaders being inside the confines of Pelican Bay. The prison is seeking to contend back and put a halt to the pack activity but it is making no good. The prison was made to seek and maintain the pack leaders and members from go oning this activity of force on the street and set them into a panic but the pack members and leaders come to Pelican Bay to hone their accomplishments alternatively of losing touch of them. It has become more of a learning establishment than a prison. The prison is a war zone. with force at every corner and communicating to the exterior to order violent deaths. This province prison has non had the upper manus for the jurisprudence enforcement to maintain pack activity down. instead it has backfired as a acquisition land. Social Issues Raised in the Video

The chief societal issue raised in this picture is the commanding of packs through the prison in many different ways. The pack leaders in Pelican Bay tally drugs through communicating techniques used while in prison. They besides have the power to order “hits” or slayings while still behind bars. Pelican Bay wants to halt this but it is non every bit easy as it seems. The conflict of maintaining the pack leaders from running the pack while still in prison is a war itself. There are so many different positions that the prison staff has to look at in each conflict of this war that goes on each and every twenty-four hours in the Pelican Bay State Prison.

Major Principles of Sociological Theory Addressed in the Video There are two chief rules that I see that are addressed in this picture. The two rules are deficiency of healthy place turning up and gang life being the lone place these captives of Pelican Bay has of all time had. The captives that are in Pelican Bay State Prison have ne’er had any other life except for the pack that they come from. The life of pack force is what occurs on a day-to-day footing in the prison and the pack leaders even control the slayings of some persons that have acted against the pack in a mode that the pack feels threatened in some manner. The pack members and leaders that are in this prison unrecorded and dice for the pack.

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