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Soldiers Essays

stephanie Mattig Period: 3 87 years ago was 1776 our ancestors built up a new nation where there would be liberty and the belief that everyone is equal. We were then going through a great war which would determine if this nation can last with liberty and equality. We are here on a great battlefield of that war. We have come to dedicate a piece of it as a cemetery for the soldiers who gave their lives defending our nation. It was wise to dedicate Cemetery Hill to the soldiers, and yet it really wasn't in their to do that to set apart that section as sacred.

The brave soldiers who fought in the battle had already done that more than the gathered people ever could, simply by fighting for freedom there. No one will remember what is being said here but rather what will be remembered is what the soldiers did there. So instead of dedicating Cemetery Hill to the dead soldiers, the people should be dedicated to what all the brave men have done, to their unfinished work that was brought so far.

These dead soldiers gave their lives fighting for freedom, and that the nation's people are now loyal even more to freedom because of that. Those soldiers will not have died in vain because "we the people" are going to be devoted to what they fought for. "We the people" will make sure that liberty and equality remain. And "We the people" will make sure that a government of the people, by the people, and for the people is going to be here to stay.

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