Sonnys Blues By James Baldwin Research Paper

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In the story “Sonny’s Blues,” the author explores his own emotions about fatherhood by examining the past in relation to the present. The narrative revolves around two brothers who have chosen divergent paths in life.

Despite their different approaches, both Sonny and the narrator have found ways to escape the violence and harshness of the ghetto. Following their mother’s death, the narrator feels responsible for looking after his brother due to a promise he made to her. Though he may not fully approve of Sonny’s lifestyle, the narrator remains committed to his promise and refuses to abandon his only sibling.

Sonny had a strong passion for music, similar to his uncle. His mother, before she passed away, shared with him about his father and the struggles he faced following his brother’s death. Sonny’s father’s brother also had a deep love for music and had similarities with Sonny. As the narrator hears this narrative, it provides insight into understanding Sonny.

Now the narrator has gained knowledge about his family background and roots. In the end, he was able to witness and comprehend the impact of music on Sonny; it allowed him to be his true self and communicate with others. The reference to the Book of Isaiah 51:17-23 in the final sentence signifies the revelation of what the narrator has learned through his experience. He realizes that all the hardships and afflictions we endure in life are acquired from those who have shared similar experiences, including desolation, destruction, famine, and sword.

Both Satan, our spiritual oppressor, and mankind, our physical oppressor, evoke fear and anxiety in our lives. Nevertheless, just as Jerusalem endured oppression but discovered solace through God’s intervention, we too can escape the weight of fear. This emancipation is attainable by openly exchanging our experiences with one another since it enables us to confront the underlying source of our fear. History serves as a reminder that when we disregard the importance of listening or learning from each other, we often find ourselves repeating past errors. In contrast, Sonny established his own enduring legacy through his music.

Life has provided us with the lyrics to a song, and we have the freedom to select the tempo, musical key, and genre in which we desire to perform it.

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